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  1. I would recommend you maybe wait. Bitcoin is recovering slowly today so you might get more Dash if Dash follows Bitcoin with a delay. But I am not an advisor so just do your own analysis.
  2. I use coinbase to get the latest actual news on specific coins. For other cryptonews I keep an eye on cryptotalk and the newspapers in my country.
  3. Back in the days I played some dice with over 8 mln satochi as it was only a few cents at the time and lost. Had I kept the satochi then i would have been extremely happy today.
  4. I think you're right. Although prices dropped significantly we are still not in a bearisch trend. Today the market jumped up again after days of decline. Let's hope we can pick up the bulls again.
  5. I would recommend to have a look at the analytics before selling. e are not in a bear market although some might say that. The long term perspective is still bullish.
  6. In my country the government does not see crypto as money. They see it as an investment and tax it likewise. Their motivation is that you can't buy goods with it in store.
  7. For me earning with Bitcoin and other altcoins is like a dream come true. No way I would have earned that much with investing in stocks or bonds.
  8. Most probable is that I would not recognise this as extraordinary because I receive airdrops all the time. Somethings it takes more than 6 months before I receive them. Many times I already forgot that I participated in the AirDrop.
  9. KYC is also very useful in case you lose your passwords or passphrase. When your account is connected to your id it gives an extra access method in case of emergency.
  10. At the same time some governments are embracing crypto(Senegal, Abu Dhabi, Slovenia etc) so crypto is here to stay and as you can see on Coinmarketcap the total invested amount is growing.
  11. Bitcoin is currently limited in terms of the number of transactions that can be processed per second. With the planned upgrades to the lightning network this should however improve. Faster quantum computers will also support the speed of transactions.
  12. I see more and more job postings but they are mainly technical. Programmers and technicians are looked for but other types of jobs like strategists marketeers etc are still limited with blockchain companies.
  13. These are a few things I know: - it’s Russian - it has high potential because of the large number of Telegram users - its a direct competitor with Libra - it has a strong development team
  14. I’m a fan of Coinbase as it is trusted, reliable, offers an increasing number of tradeable coins and has mobile apps ready. It’s not the cheapest but it’s very safe.
  15. Proof of stake can be interesting but you should be aware that POS in most cases is a reward for inflation, meaning the price can go down because more coins are being generated meaning the price per coin becomes less.
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