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  1. So as I understand it you need to invest and lock it in a masternode to get 70% fees. That seems like a high risk but actually means that the price candrop significantly without experiencing any loss. Soundsgreat.
  2. Investing is never safe. Safe is when you can get your investment back without loss (like saving with a bank). Investing always has a risk of losing money. You might try stablecoins.
  3. That's a real big improvement for the market. I think this will increase the acceptance of crypto payments in the market. People tend to leave crypto behind as it is experienced difficult but this will make it easier.
  4. I lost some 200 USD in 2018 when I made the wrong trade at the moment that BTC was at it's peak and prices suddenly dropped. Today i would be much more cautious.
  5. i don't think that Bitcoin i being used for buying and selling goods. It's more the gold of crypto. People invest in Bitcoin for long term profits.
  6. I don't understand. If it is winning than what about AI trading? That would be earning. I sincerely wonder whuther this is real AI.
  7. In my opinion XRP will not overtake ETH. XRP has a single purpose but eth is a platform that facilitates multiple coins with multiple purposes.
  8. As you can see in my signature this is possible indeed. It is however not allowed to place referral links in the content of posts or in topics.
  9. I think the main issue here is that central banks are allowed to create money out of nowhere. That's not really trustworthy. Bitcoin on the other hand has a clear method of creating new BTC's.
  10. Beside supply and demand there are some major "whale" traders that control the price by placing ghost orders. Also media can play a role in price development influencing demand.
  11. You should indeed consider the fact that your processor makes overtime and heats up. Therefore the remaining life of your device decreases. So mining with a phone is not recommended.
  12. I have a blockchain wallet. it's great for airdrops. I recently received some coins because I did my KYC. previous airdrops involved XLM.
  13. I don't know coins that give that much for masternodes, so definately a scam indeed. Just think straight. How are they supposed to earn the money they promise you ? Right, thats what I mean....
  14. It's great. The only thing I dislike is the gambling part with dice and pony. I'm not really good at controlling myself, but the trading part and the fees are fabulous.
  15. As far as I know Estonia is one of the most progressive countries toward crypto. They even established a great level of digitalisation in the government.
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