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  1. This IS A Good Application you can download it free from google playstore ,and the tokens that given you is TTV, and you can check the price of this token on the application ,i think that is 0.0014$ ,and you can withdraw this tokens on freewalletorg and its a good and dreat wallet with strong security
  2. Of Course You Have Absolutlly right ,many users use crypto talk to learn and get payement for posting, but the important is learning to grown up your skills ,and this is what is will get you a profits here when you learn something about crypto and apply it and than share it to be useful for others users
  3. Yes Google 2Fa authentificator is the best option to have a strong security for our accounts and like you say that is not sufficient because of hackers, they are more advenced i agree with you in that but let tell you that you can eneble also authorization for IP adresse by sending letters to your E-mail and also you can enable PIN code ,and Also by sending code to your phone number, for me , i enable all of this option to have more strong high security for my accounts
  4. Thanks A lot My Friends ,I Think That this faucet and game is helpful for beginers and also i know many experts users how had a good income from this websites ,and my strategy in this faucet is by reedom points and collect more points every hours ,so like that i double my points and i turn it to bitcoin satochi
  5. As We Know All beginners here need help from experts to not get banned and to not get warning points , and yes this is the important first step you need to do after joining to crypotalk comunity is reading the rules gain and again and understand it verry good and stick with it
  6. amine208

    Yobit legit?

    I Completly disagree with you my dear friend , Yobit Platforme Exchange Is old platforme and work fom many years and pay to there users and its legit ,and trusted by many users ,experts and beginers, you can always check about yobit platforme and get all wonderfull information about yobit in google and groups , and you will proove to your self that yobit is the best and legit platforme
  7. Of Course There Many Websites for exchange crypto and trading but most of them are scam and we should work with the legit websites to not loose our funds ,i suggest always the populre and famous platformes exchanges wich is Yobit And binance ,thoose are internationel platformes and trusted by many users and can deposits and withdraw your funds without any problems at any time , also you can see how they are verry profitable when you login to your account in yobit or binance and check the easy earnings methode on those exchange platformes
  8. There Is Binance Exchange platforme its a good and great exchange platforme exchange ,and you can invest in by trading on crypto currency or save and staking coins and earn extra profits , but my friend i want to say you that yobit is the best for invest amount of 1000$ and earn a great profit tell your friends to check invest box in yobit if he is not interesed with trading on crypto currency or check the VMining at yobit ,also is profitable and can get a great profit that your friend will be absolutly happy when he gets his profits
  9. Dont Worry ,Its Simple And Easy to recover your password in your yobit account ,you need to press at "forget my password" than you need to enter your email that you have registred with in yobit platforme and you will get a letter in your mail box ,than open the letter and press on the link that you requirred to press on it to can recover your password ,after you press on the link from the letters enter thenew password and confime it and now you have recover your password ,and your account,my advice to you is to try to save your access data to your account in safe place
  10. I Suggest You Three of my best platformes that i perssonally use it ,you have Yobit , Binance and Kuckoin ,this theree platformes are the best in my opigon ,and have many option that allows you always to get a good extra profit
  11. I Like Binance Platforme exchange and i use it always and i get a good profit from binance by trading on crypto and by staking and saving coins in there its a good and strong platforme exchange ,and i recomended with it always ,because always can make profit by trading on crypto if you have manage your money with good management
  12. You Have Pay A Large amount fees for bitcoin withdrawal because simply you are withdraw bitcoin ,i always recommended users that have a small amount to withdraw with litecoin wich is have low charge fees ,but for bitcoin you can withdraw with it when you have a large amount like 1 Btc or 2BTC so like 0.001 btc will not be a large fees ,use litecoin always for small transiction amount .
  13. I Think That You Can make a maximum posts with 70 or 50 posts per day , but i will search and see about that ,but your 100 first posts you will not get paid for it you will be able to get payement for your posts after 100 first posts so you can make it on 2 days if you want by making 50 posts per day ,dont worry and be patient ,and dont forget about the rules see always if the rules allows you to make more than 100 posts per day or not ,and make what the rules of this forume is saying
  14. To Get A higher level you need to keep work on this forume and keep posting useful posts and sharing useful information and experience about crypto world, and dont forget about the rules , you need to stick with the rules and try read i carefully and understand it good. to not get banned and to stay far away from the risks
  15. As We Know Cryptotalk comunity make this notifications when someone follow you private and you cant know how make follow to you ,so you can follow any users you want, for me i follow some users but i cant know how is following me in the same time that he press on follow button ,i can know this by enetering in my profile and see how is following me,so like that you can know how is following you to follow him if you want
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