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  1. I'm not liking China's move to "social credit" where in a cashless society your ability to buy/sell with your credit card/chip/whatever can be limited or withheld because of your expressing dissident opinions online or elsewhere. At the same time, I'm watching a Youtube channel of a Canadian guy living in China and in some ways they are more free than in the west, i.e. there are few big corporation chain businesses and so many small mom-and-pop businesses.
  2. Interesting, do you have a link or statistics to show the drop in BTC investment?
  3. Great question, will crypto even be around 5 years from now? Maybe get squashed by govmints at some point so they have their own cashless system that THEY can control? Food for thought...
  4. How's it coming? Is the blockchain up and running? Masternodes selling? Everyone getting rich and retiring early?! I have a feeling this baby is going to take off!!
  5. That's not the context that you talked of opposition. This is what you said in a previous post: You were talking about ASIC miners buying coins being an "attack"and the miners being "opponents", i.e. opposing you as opposition. I may be a newbie at all this but this makes no sense to me. You started a launch and offered coins (forgive me if I'm not using the correct terminologies). Someone bought them, a lot of them. You called them opponents and said they were attacking you. My point was that I don't see any other coin producers here talking in those terms. Anyway if you're proceeding with a new launch, I wish you well.
  6. I have been following this thread because the project seems to generate a lot more interest than others in the forum. I'm trying to wrap my head around some of the language though, Tony. An ASIC miner bought up all the coins or tokens in one big swoop and you didn't have systems in place to prevent that and you call that an "attack." How is buying the product yuo are offering an attack? Then you're talking about "opposition". I don't see any other people here offering coins talking about being opposed or in competition with other coin producers. So many coins out there but the competition is not personal.
  7. Maybe not BTCoin per se but it still seems like a cashless system is being slowly pushed and encouraged.
  8. A new day! Is DYITuberCoin taking off"? To the moon? What is the latest update and status? How many masternods are purchased?
  9. That's what I was referring to, DYITube coins. Where can I go to see what the current value of the coin is? I would expect it to take off like a rocket with all the buzz!
  10. I'm happy to see the interest in this project but there is a lot of confusion and false starts. I don't want to jump in until I see some progress. Have any masternudes actually been sold yet for the funding to get the Tubecoins on an exchange? On Etherscan the coin still shows as a $0 value?
  11. What's this? Here I was all excited to see what transpires on a launch day and it's another roadblock! Shouldn't you have some kind of fail-safe installed to prevent that kind of mining? Doesn't seem very fair to others who joined in good faith. This project is generating more buzz than any other one on the forum yet it keeps stumbling out of the starting gate. What gives, Tony?
  12. Is there some guarantee that they will be on an exchange? There are so many coins out there, it's real confusing for me to know which ones have potential. You said we can sell them out - if they are virtual coins then who is going to buy them with actual coins?
  13. I'll give it a look, thanks for the link.
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