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  1. I lost a lot due to my inability to patience and with practice I became more patient and started to overcome it.
  2. I think that the Bitcoin currency will be divided in the event its price rises very significantly into parts with other names, or it is possible that a new competing currency will emerge and overwhelm the market.
  3. Practice and self-control are the main factors to help you overcome fear.
  4. The number of these crimes is very large, the problem is that they cannot be controlled.
  5. They cannot be compared, but physical currency has its weight in our lives and it is legal currencies.
  6. I think it is because most cryptocurrencies are sent and received on wallets through Ethereum.
  7. All global and famous sites have become dealing with cryptocurrencies because they are the way of age and the easiest to pay.
  8. Quite the opposite of you, I see a prosperous future with Bitcoin.
  9. They cannot replace currencies because they are illegal and are not on paper and there are no guarantees.
  10. I think it gets manipulated as is the case with most currencies.
  11. You can earn by mining, trading and investing.
  12. Я думаю, это потому, что курсы валют связаны с условиями жизни (низкий или высокий спрос и предложение)
  13. Вы можете хранить его на бирже, но нужно учитывать риск.
  14. There is a lot of work on the Internet, including electronic marketing, trading, investing, etc.
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