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  1. Trading is one of the best ways to make money. However, for beginners, trading will be the most helpful in earning money. But I don't think it's better for beginners to trade. This is because they do not have good knowledge and skills about trading and will not be able to select suitable coins. As a result, they will fail. But if they have enough knowledge and skills about trading and can trade on real sites by selecting suitable coins then trading is best for them. This will allow them to make more money in less time.
  2. I have been constantly targeting the market value of Bitcoin since the beginning of 2020 and where I noticed that the minimum market value of Bitcoin was around 8k but its maximum market value in 2021 was around 41k. And currently the market value of Bitcoin is around 34k. Hopefully very soon its market price will reach 50k.
  3. Thanks for joining this great platform. And in order to work successfully on this platform, you must first acquire a good knowledge and skills about the crypto world. Then you have to follow all the rules of Crypto Forum regularly and post meaningfully and rationally in Crypto Forum but it must be in accordance with 100 character and grammatical rules. Again we have to increase communication with each other. Only then will you be able to work successfully in crypto forums.
  4. In my experience, to discover a good coin to buy, you need to look at the market value of the cryptocurrency you want to buy and look at the demand in the world market and the reputation of that coin. For this you can take the help of various exchangers. Then you can buy good coins.
  5. For payment from this forum, you first need to post 100 semantics in the crypto forum and after posting 100 semantics, you can post 20 semantics later. And you will get 1000 satoshi for every meaningful and logical post next but you must have positive rating of each post. You will only receive payment for posts that have a positive rating.
  6. No, you can't use any language in cryptotalk except English and Russian. Because they only accept Russian and English. If you post in any language other than English and Russian, your post will not be counted but your account may be banned for this post.
  7. We can support new members by better understanding the crypto rules and sharing their knowledge with them and sharing important information and increasing their reputation.
  8. I first heard about cryptotalk from a friend in 2009. She taught me the benefits of cryptotalk and taught me how to use it. And later on I became interested in using cryptotalk and made more money in a very short time by posting meaningful posts in crypto forums. And so far I've been working successfully on crypto.
  9. The most important tips for beginners is to follow the rules of the Crypto Forum regularly and increase communication with each other. And according to the rules of Crypto Forum, Crypto posts 100 meaningful and reasonable posts in the forum and it must be according to the grammatical rules and must be of 100 characters. Only then will they receive payment for each subsequent post. And crypto will be able to work successfully in the forum.
  10. Newbies must know all these things. For example, it is important for them to know all the rules of Crypto Forum and how to post 100 meaningful and reasonable posts in Crypto Forum. Posts must be in accordance with grammatical rules. We need to increase communication with each other.
  11. I think computer is the best device for crypto. Because it is very easy to control the computer and where you can write comments by typing very fast it will save your time. And on the big screen of the computer, you can see the details of the details well. And you can easily work in crypto forums.
  12. Yes you can work on cryptotalk using public Wi-Fi but that would be very risky. This is because there are several devices that are active and they constantly use the WiFi that may cause your account to be banned.
  13. I noticed some people posted but their exchange did not get any positive rating. One of the reasons is that his post was not meaningful and reasonable. And his post has nothing to do with the topic. Because if the post you make is not meaningful and reasonable and if it does not have grammatical rules and is not 100 characters then the post will not be useful and you will not get any positive rating in return.
  14. I have noticed that some people are using multiple accounts for a positive rating I don't think it's right at all. Because moderators check all these accounts well. And for that they have to get punishment. And for this their ID can become a band. So I would tell them not to use multiple accounts for a positive rating.
  15. For good reputation, of course, it is most necessary to post your own topic. In this you will get the most reputation. Because you know the topic you are going to create and you can write about it in the best way and it will be more meaningful and complete. As a result you will get the most reputation.
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