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  1. Well , it depends on the value of the project. If the project is good and every time they give some updates on their social media. Thn it will definitely grow and we should purchase them . We have to check their potential and team management like their partnership companies etc. If everything is good , thn we will proceed to buy. I will suggest you a coin, named iqcash. It is listed in cmc. Just take it as a suggestion. Thank you.
  2. Well thank you for sharing. It seems the price may up because of these news. And the tokens which are running on TRX network may show us some good signals too. Hope BTT tokens will also raises. This will be a good news for TRX holder. And most probably their will be an another chance to get jst tokens for TRX holder.
  3. Thank you for sharing this information. I am not aware of these except one named BAT. I know the potential of BAT token which already listed in many big exchanges. Because of eth version 2.0 the prices of the coin may increase in future. Because according to new eth version 2.0 , it's is based on POS. So there is a possibility of raising price of these tokens.
  4. Well sir, to be honest u usually join airdrops like ecoin etc by giving the probit Wallet. Probit is kind of new for me , that's why I only use for airdrop purposes. Till now for me kyc not required. And hope I can trade with out kyc like binance and coinex. After some certainly limit, kyc will be required I think.
  5. Well till now no requirement of KYC , as far I know. But I will suggest you to check it out the project and their white paper. Because it's ieo price is very high , so I believe the token has some potential that's why people are buying this. Hope this token will have some bright future. What's your opinion about this token sir??
  6. Well that's a very nice suggestion friend. But now a days trading is kind of risky. But no doubt forex will give is good profit. But there is lots of uncertainty in cryptocurrency market due to this situation ( you know what I want to say) . The whole economic has damaged , and some big whales try to manipulate the whole market. Some signal providers also play their own to book profit. So it's better make some proper calculation before jump into the trading. But your suggestions will help beginner a lot .
  7. Well the link is very useful. Thank you for sharing. Besides that it will help us to make a good content with out any error. But it will be great if the platform implement some grammatical software so that if any error , it will give us some options , and we will select that words. Good with no grammatical mistakes contents are necessary a lot.
  8. Nice suggestion my friend. Because in the ico period there are 50-50% chances of success. And it's obvious thing the admin tells a lot of good things about their projects. Besides that scammers always take the advantages of this kind of situation. So this post will help a lots of people. So analysis of a project is the best way to grow our portfolio.
  9. Well absolutely yes. Because this kind of platform where our investment is under our control and receive a defi platform lunch named injective protocol backed with binance , provide much more facilities. And there are a lots of platforms listed in interest coinmarketcap also. And in nexus mutual you can get an insurance of your investment too.
  10. Well it will definitely help human kind a lot. This kind of development send a message to human kind that Blockchain technology can be utilised for helping me kind too. This kind of app is needed a lot. Because now a days everyone has mobile phones. So this is very effecient way to collect data.
  11. Well this is very good news for all. Now less need of fiat currency. Cryptocurrency is future. And the process will be very simple , very less paper work would be needed I think. Just ask the dealership receiving address and send the amount. That's very simple and the transaction goes also very fast.
  12. Well the news seems pretty good. But to be honest , the same project also exist named tratok , a travel and tourism based platform and it scam me and all people. It wipe out my investment from eth without any of my authorisation. Means they are coded the program like that. That's why I can't able to go for a tour. So my all dear friends , kindly Cross-check multiple time while you dealing with this kind of platform. Tratok is already listed.
  13. Well this is a very good news for all. And we can assume that in the upcoming days the cryptocurrency lover will increase soon. Because CRYPTOCURRENCY is the one of the fastest transaction that ever occurs. And besides that like paypal , a new platform also introduced named payaccept . It also supports visa to deal with cryptocurrency.
  14. Actually here is the reason behind. See bitcoin or cryptocurrency is a virtual currency. Fiat currency is real. And due to manipulation of bug whales many are suffering from losses and those who pledge their home and borrow money and invest heavily was also suffering losses a lot. And the medias give this kind of news very hype. So here you can convince to your friends , withdrawal some btc amount , and convert into real fiat currency and show them the proof. May pe they can change their mind. And suggest them that "in cryptocurrency, profit are huge , but losses are also huge".
  15. Well as far I observed , this particular country always implement some new technologies which usually using Blockchain technology. And there people are so patriotic. That's why the demand increase. Besides that most of the bitcoin miner are from that particular country . That's why they always innovative some new coins always.
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