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  1. I don't know if Starbucks accepts cryptocurrencies or about that partnership this post is talking about, however Microsoft accepts Bitcoin since many years ago, perhaps beginners don't know that, still it was news since 2014. Just to let you know that you say cryptocurrencies and all retail will say no and wouldn't want to have anything to do with XRP, Verge, Ethereum and many more. They would love to deal with Bitcoin which has the respect of everyone, however all the rest are junk and nobody will ever accept them unless they are desperate.
  2. Thanks for letting us know about this. I didn't know all these coins had a halving at all. I think that maybe there will be some boost in their price, although it will be something that will depend on Bitcoin too, as all the market is about Bitcoin. I don't have any good remarks to make for any of them though however I will try to find good trading opportunities.
  3. Your fears are that your government will take control of your bitcoin wallet? Probably you haven't read enough about Bitcoin to know that nobody can seize or as you said "constrain" your wallet. What is this that you are using a translator?
  4. You were feeling not safe at $32000? $42000 was the next one so how you felt about that? It was very high to be honest so a correction started. The fact is that we don't know what will happen next. Are prices for Bitcoin very high, nobody can tell. It is where we were hoping to be but anything can happen and nobody gives a warning yet, perhaps it will be temporary decline and then start rising again.
  5. There is no duty at all. If you want to be in a cryptocurrency forum you are here. If you don't want to be then you shouldn't be here. The only fact is that this is a cryptocurrency forum and there are many that are trying hard to make it look bad with stupid spam comments and posts.
  6. This wasn't an accident as it was proven later it was something else, a hacker that probably tried to remove funds but was only given the option to burn this amount of eth and extort the owners of a Ponzi website.
  7. Probably you should have also used grammarly in this post as you made too many mistakes, but giving an advice is easy, practising this yourself is not.
  8. Why you had to use your phone? You mean your mobile phone? Doesn't make any sense, what is this guy talking about in this post?
  9. Storing is good @Harbeeboullah ? How do you store cryptocurrency friend? Is there a procedure in the blockchain that is called store? Why exactly you prefer investing? How do you explain these terms to me? I didn't understand why it is better to invest than to store and how you earn better by investing rather than storing?
  10. What is your goal? Writing meaningless posts that have no use to anyone and just waste our time reading them? What role have cryptocurrencies to play in the future? Expand into that. You just said something generic that nobody cares about. Don't post like that just to fill your 20 daily comments.
  11. This is not what the post is about. It asks clearly if finally Bitcoin will be used in commerce and also asks if it will be because price will rise to 100k. What have you answered about that in your post? Also why you use bold in your posts and why you align at the center? This is not any proper way to make a post. @TheMonster do you understand why I responded to you like that? It is 3 strikes in one post that you made, do you think we can make posts aligned however we like and using bold, can I change the size of the fonds to 40 too? Would that be ok by your standards?
  12. I have seen little regard from Elon Musk to invest in Bitcoin. Probably he is interested in some way but has not made it clear and I don't think he is the kind of businesman to take such risks. He is always in clear with the governments and probably will not do anything else but support his businesses. I think we are dreaming when we think Musk will buy Bitcoin and that Saylor guy is looking like a clown with his constant tweets.
  13. Most people enter in crypto for the money. It is good that you tried to explain a fwe things first but since probably all want to see profits, you should have something to show and convince them. Don't you?
  14. What are you talking about? Yobit doesn't have an app on playstore. If you have found one maybe it is a fake, so don't download anything as you will lose your money. Use only the website at yobit.net and nothing else. If yobit makes a mobile app you will know it.
  15. This post is not great either. Why you had to tell us about this? You feel you give something to others that would find it useful? How do you think you are helping? It is just spam post and you have learned nothing from the previous experience.
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