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  1. Investment in crypto world are risky but if it is done wisely and with good skills then we can increase our earnings through investments. So you can put your cash into DEX exchanging or holding coin which is the most popular to get significantly more cash-flow however for that, you need to set aside some effort to make yourself ideal for this.
  2. My ether wallet is very safe but depend on you on how you will keep your seeds. I registered my first wallet on MEW about 4 years ago and it was really exciting moment for me. I wrote down my private key and I have been using it since that time and never had problems. So if you are using seeds you should keep it properly to avoid you wallet being scam or hack by others.
  3. hatambaba

    Trust wallet

    Actually, I have a lot experience in different types of wallets, but Trust wallet, probably the best wallet that I could recommend to someone that is looking for the best mobile wallet for cryptocurrency. I am using this wallet for years, I can't say anything bad, everything is fast and clear. A big exchange supports this wallet, then it should be a reliable and high-quality product.
  4. Knowledge is less important because knowledge is acquired through education, so knowledge is a stage of education and whenever we reach it we can get success, Our knowledge of all the topics we go through helps us understand the world around us and then education comes to reinforce this knowledge. Most people who are not educated not gain the proper knowledge own their entire life.
  5. This forum provide a real chance to learn a lot about the cryptocurrency, and it is also earn extra revenue for many people in Russian section, the forum admins said that the current payment system is only on Russian section. But we can gain more knowledge and information in every section of this platform. We can create useful and informative topics to the members and help each other. Throughout this we can get good reputation.
  6. There is huge potential for Bitcoin to cross the 100K very soon this year until the end of 2021. I still hold. As this technology continues to advance Bitcoin can be possibly stays longer in this era, so holding is the better way to get so many profits. It is difficult to predict the prices of cryptocurrencies but if the price of bitcoin does not rise until the end of 2021 I will keep it for the year 2024.
  7. We must be cautious with new cryptocurrencies. there are a lot of new users facing a lot of scams nowadays by fraudulent coins and tokens. They are available in abundance such scams, They fool the people by the name of airdrop and other methods, So we should be careful about these fake coins and Every one should investigate first before any investment.
  8. The profits we earn from crypto really helps us in our daily expenses, especially in these current circumstances in pandemic still on going ahead. You will get the profit while you are at home. when you make investments you'll get profits, and that profit can be used to solve your financial problems, so therefore reducing the stress you are facing money issues.
  9. Reputation needs a lot of steps to achieved and working hard in this platform is necessary to reach the goal. success requires time and this is a totally known, So you must set daily duties and be patient to work and provide the best information and valuable topics here. Therefore be patient and work harder.
  10. There are some advantages of cryptocurrencies and because of that it's taking all financial systems in the world slowly. First of all, it is very easy for transaction, With crypto currency you are moving and transacting cashless and without fear of being rubbed. You can be your bank and hold your assets anonymity. It totally reduces stress and problems facing when dealing in paper money. Many online sites are accepting cryptocurrencies now.
  11. At first I was encouraged by my friend to mine Bitcoin in 2015. He also shows me how cryptocurrency works and how can I mine with some computation devices, Firstly I thought it is hard to mine and learn it but till when I started mining then I found so many benefit from it. after that, Cryptocurrency influences me because of its solid profits. I like its decentralized payment and also bull run season.
  12. Bitcoin is now famous more than ever. There are great companies support it and the crypto market, The increase in price of BTC from 2009 to 2021 is due to halving event, if there is an increase in demand, bitcoin will see the price rise if supply reduce over time. We can see an increase in people's awareness and an increase in the demand for Bitcoin now and that is very good.
  13. I would to like do both of them because I am a short term trader, and I believe that the basics of marketing is the buying and selling activity, So I would buy at a low price and then sell it when the market goes up. But I am also a Holder, means I would try to buy coins except shit coins and Hold them for 4 years, The reason is simple, the prices will increase a lot after 4 years definitely.
  14. This platform along side with Yobit gave us a lot of benefits in many ways. We can earn money from this platform by posting in Russian section. Besides this We can gain some knowledge and information from this forum, and improve our writing and reading skills. We can also invest some money on Yobit and trade some coins and hold them for a pumping.
  15. Fear makes us farther of success. We don't get good things just because the fear of losing. But If you can achieve face with our fears then we are light years ahead of everyone, We have to learn from the failure. Failure and the success are the part of life. We have to compromise on it. Fear would no longer make sense if everyone knows the proper strategies for investing in digital currency.
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