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  1. You can purchased bitcoin when it's Price drop but now the current price of btc is $13,128 so l suggests you should wait till the Price drop to like $7,000. So that you can buy at cheat price later sell at high.
  2. I prefer this forum than bitcointalk because most of the topics in this forum are straight forward topics which will be very easy for every beginner in crypto world to understand and also give reply on time than those topics in bitcointalk.
  3. Mobile application are softwares that were created to be used in mobile phone for downloading of other apps while some mobile application are used for playing games. There are many mobile application in goggle play store you can type the name of the one you want and download it.
  4. I don't think there is someone with the funds to buy all the existing bitcoin. Because the total number of bitcoin is 21 million which cost almost $273 021 000 000.00. So l think for someone to think of buying all the existing bitcoin should only be a dream not in reality.
  5. I also experience deleting of posts but I think is caused by those members that make duplicated topics. So l suggests each member to used the search button to search for the topic he/she intended to create so that he/she won't end up creating duplicated topics which will be later deleted by the moderators because the topic creator has violented the rule of the forum for creating duplicated topic.
  6. This is a very informative and useful topic that every newbie need to read in order to understand this forum better because I also read it and also learn more about this forum through this topic.
  7. This topic is very complicated because both the money and the knowledge are very useful to life but I suggests we should seek for knowledge first before money so that when we have skills on how to earn money then we can apply it to get money and also become rich in future.
  8. I have never experience forgetfulness of my yobit password or email because I always write the password or the email in my notebook so that whenever l doubt it I can cross check it but since you have forgotten your password I suggests you should contact yobit support team so that they can render help to you.
  9. I don't think there is any site that pay for publication better than this forum because they pay with talk token and also with bitcoin. Someone can double his daily talk token earned by giving 50 reputations in a daily.
  10. I totally agreed with you that Senior members are our teacher because this forum is just like a school where learning take place. We learn from senior members especially when we asked them questions about what we don't know and they put us through and when we also seek for advice they also help us with good advice because they have more experience and knowledge than we do.
  11. You can increase your reputations by creating useful topics and also making useful comments that other members can benefit from it. So l think that will encouraged members to give you reputations or likes easily.
  12. In last past cryptotalk there are many spammers who post useless contents and get paid within 2 to 3 hours before moderators notice and banned their accounts but with the present cryptotalk there is new development in this forum because members posts are not paid until they verified it which takes 8 days before it start counting. In present cryptotalk you can find many useful post and topics because most of the spammers countries are banned from posting.
  13. Actually they banned many countries like Venezuela, Nigeria, Philippine, Pakistan but I don't think they banned India from this campaign.
  14. It was a great news that someone is inviting people from Facebook to this forum because this will increase the popularity of the forum and also invited more people to participated in this forum.
  15. I don't like working in faucet sites because what someone can earn in a month is not much so that is why I considered faucets sites as a waste of time. For me to work in faucet sites is better for me to learn more about trading so that I can become a successful crypto trader in future.
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