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  1. @Dorjoy12 right mate , trading isn't a easy work we need to give alot of time and some amount of money in order to learn Crypto market . trading is one of the best way to makes a good profit without too much effort we need .
  2. @CryptoSkye right mate , every user's who work here must know english ( because we didn't used our local language here , instead of Russia ) . working on forum's is really one of best way to improve our English skills . we can learn English on institute as well from books .
  3. @Dorjoy12 I see their is a lot of agents who accept Crypto currency as a payment option on Amazon . personally I didn't used but I sure this is happen ( mostly their, where Crypto is accepted or a. accepted by government ) .
  4. I know @Dorjoy12 2017 is really amazing year for Bounty hunters because their is alot of legit project running at that time . but in these days bounty hunting isn't too much profitable . we must analysis properly before we are going to join any project .
  5. @Raeess Sheharyar haha !! Same here mate , I also feel tired whenever I going for online study ( reading books etc ) . this is Preety well and fell confident if we study via physical book . anyway we can purchase online book's via Crypto currency as well .
  6. @Dorjoy12ofcource mate , spamming is done by bad people they even didn't have Fellings. they want to be millionaire within some time. we must be active in Crypto market to avoid such Kind of spamming . we must used all security tips and tricks to save our fund.
  7. @George10 right mate , I see cryptotalk demand increased day by day as a result its coin " talk " also have good value and demand in future . we can hold talk token till it's price didn't touch at least 0.05 or more . we can used investbox for good profit .
  8. right mate @khan22nowdays their is alot of fake projects come in market . accidentally I also invest in low quality project as a result I will lost my assest . this is main reason behind that new projects didn't get invester . we must analysis properly before we are going to invest any project.
  9. @Dorjoy12 approximately all member make some mistack here as a result they will result out with a warning point . I also create a topic with small character as a result I also got a warning points . their is always valid reason behind warning point .
  10. exactly @Dorjoy12 but if sometime their is comment unrealted to topic then that comment also delete by moderater ( manually ) . we must analysis topic properly before we are going to comment because spamming or usless post should be deleted by moderater .
  11. @Mosharraf this is really Pretty hard to analysis good coin for long-term investment. without patients I didn't think a trader is going to be successful . we must focus on learning good techniques about chart reading for a good profit .
  12. @Dorjoy12 right mate , I also didn't say that newbie is spammer but they didn't follow rule properly as a result they post spam content . but now everything is going fine because DSLR Airdrop is finished . hopefully we will able to see valuable post again.
  13. @Cryptic yes transaction fees ( gewai ) that's affect transcation speed. whenever price of Etherium as well Bitcoin volatile market too much , then it's transition fees always increased. we must set transcation speed before we are going to make any transaction . I always used metamask because its easier to set transcation speed according to our desire .
  14. I also think same mate @Suparna because bank as well government didn't control price of bitcoin as well other Crypto currency . I see government always prefer to ban Crypto in their region because if Crypto is accepted in local shop then we can see it's negetive effect on usage of fait currency as well as on national economy .
  15. @tienda your words are true , some new invester think that Crypto market is control by satoshi nakamoto but this isn't true . Crypto market fully control by its demand as well it's supply , remaining supply etc . sometime who have high amount of any Coin can control price of that coin .
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