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  1. @Arsal malik 759 recently crypto is accepted in our nation , but still I didn't see any shop or institute who ready to accept payment via crypto currency. but soon their will be Chance that we will see Bitcoin atm as well other things realted to Crypto in our nation.
  2. right mate @kyoukage01 crypto currency was already legalise in India by india government . but I heard that their will a fir already submit in court for banning crypto currency again in India . hopefully crypto is still acceptable in India for a longtime .
  3. ofcource mate @Whited35 Trading is one of best method to make good profit . but knowledge as well experience are major effect inorder generate money from trading . I see your trading analysis is good ( I see in technical analysis competition ) .
  4. yeah , I also assume this is one of major reason behind it @Guru2050 . Alot of users make servel accounts by using different different IP changer , some user created bots for positng . we must help forum administration or moderator to clean forum from such members .
  5. I also believe in this digital money @Whited35 . Due to it's online useage Alot of user didn't prefer ( mostly youngest person ( 50+ age ) . because they Think they will suffer from spam as well loss. but I sure new generation surely used this crypto currency for transcation as well for other activities also .
  6. @Guru2050 ofcource mate this is duty of every responsible member that they should give their best in posting as well as in remove spam post and member's . whenever I see spam post then I trying to leave Negative reaction as well report also .
  7. @Husnyjaf crypto market is really best platform for generate massive income . their is alot of method by using them we can make good income like trading , staking , join airdops and bountys , gambling as well many more . we just need to focus on one platform , after that we can shift on another platform for extra income .
  8. well !! mate @Honny143 this is common problem that's happening in yobit . generally this problem solved within seven days and we are elligible again for transfer our fund's . we need to have some patients till yobit filed it's wallet again ๐Ÿ˜‰ .
  9. @ShiNorton I also didn't recommend to purchase bitcoin at this time . already bitcoin rise from $5K to $19K in these 7-8 months . I was purchased a good amount of bitcoin at $11000 , now Bitcoin is really on good position .
  10. yes mate @Honny143 at this time situation is same . user didn't able to send there balance . but this will be solved by yobit Dev team soon as possible . I think newbie didn't know about it , as a result they ask this question again and again.
  11. @Osakha121 Fait is still valuable , we can't compare fait currency with crypto . crypto is online currency still this isn't supposed by government , still we can't used Crypto at every place like fait . exchange are hackable ( recently Kucoin ) but this isn't easy to hack banks . but I sure there should be some improvement in exchange security in future as well .
  12. yes mate @Emiway this is called trading ๐Ÿ™‚ , but the problem is when our investments goes opposite as compare to our prediction . I also doing trading and acchive good capital , but we need to have good knowledge in technical analysis , then Trading is best for making good profit as compared to other method of earning.
  13. @percare sometime accidentally we will give permission to access our device to scam and phishing apps . so their is highly risk for our fund. Personally I used website for trading and holding purpose , because it's not an easy to crack website as compared to apps.
  14. wrong information create negetive environment , so we must have proper information about whatever we want to experience @Shaami . every time if we didn't follow rule properly then we will be suffer from punishment , we must follow rule properly .
  15. Alot of user Think that bitcoin is just like a illegal coin , trading is like gambling and Many more . but I can understand them by law who approved crypto currency in servel country's . I should share my trading income profff as well try to doing every possible activities .
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