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  1. i this next generation is know very well about Crypto market , how we used and work on it . so we can accept there is good future of Crypto market . but I didn't Think Crypto is accepted on worldwide , there is few countries who still ban Crypto in their region .
  2. this is pretty well to heard that government itself manage crypto currency . this is really leave a positive effects on Crypto market , hopefully Crypto is accepted worldwide and everyone used it freely whatever we need.
  3. I know that gaming is really a essential part of Crypto market , many good gamer earn a good amount of money on daily basis . personally I never makes money From gaming , becuase I haven't too much interest in play gaming .
  4. still I didn't used Crypto currency for purchasing anything , becuase in my region there is limited place where crypto currency is acceptable . I just exchange my Bitcoin into real cash then I used whatever I need , I purchased Samsung galaxy S9 plus just some days ago .
  5. coinbase as well blockchain wallet both are good and having good user and reputation in market . personally I always used coinbase because of its security and 2fa on withdrawal . both wallets is good and trusted to used .
  6. gourav789


    already I used this wallet , becuase I know that coinbase wallet is really trusted and provide good security features . infcat I also used it while I make small amount of transcation . I always recommend everyone to used this wallet .
  7. what do you mean by verified Bitcoin adress , I think all Bitcoin addresses is verified and enable to used . Just simply download coinbase or another wallet app, after that you can freely used that wallet .
  8. sometime this is possible that token is getting locked and you cant withdraw them . but this is really unusual to heard when I read your post , still I think how it is happen ? I will recommend to used Trust wallet , Because i used it from longtime without Any problem .
  9. gourav789


    yeah , I know about this app , Because in past I used it because my friend recommend it to me . this app having good feature , security and reputation in market . again I think to install it 😉
  10. I heard about this app , becuase there is alot of video's about this app on YouTube . I think I must have good experience about 3d designing for earning a good amount of money through this app . I will definitely used it in future .
  11. I know that bitoffer is really a good exchange , I also buy some contracts there . mostly time I lost my money because of poor prediction about Bitcoin prices . but I think good if we have good analysis then we generate a good amount of profit from bitoffer contract .
  12. already Bitcoin price touch $4K in 2020 , seriously I didn't think that nobody predict it . but this is really good to see that bitcoin agian recover it's price and touch $9500 agian in market . I think Bitcoin roughly touch $10K - $20K Till end of 2020 .
  13. I also think that talk token start it's jounery with 100 -.300 satoshi per coin in yobit . in future if talk token successfuly got good invester and holder then it's price surely touch a good peak value . hopefully everyone got Good profit from it .
  14. Etherium price I see lying between 100- 300$ from my jounery in Crypto market . Etherium is widely used coin in trading and other purposes . there is really highly chance that its price touch a good value in future , I think that Etherium still stay below $500 till end of 2020 .
  15. I see that there is still This type of prediction form good invester and trader that in future Bitcoin touch 1Millon USD per coin . this is really looking difficult because 1 million is really high price , hopefully this is happen and everyone got good profit from bitcoin in future .
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