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  1. Cryptocurrency are best for students,it is better that they will know more about crypto because of this they can change their daily life activities and give them additional information on what they can get with crypto if they will stay focus.This will help them to become the future crypto enthusiast and business minded person.
  2. For me I'd rather save my cryptos for future usage.My families doesn't have any idea about it and I think they must prefer to accept things rather than cryptocurrency,something that they don't know how to use it.Someday I will reap the fruit of success.
  3. First thing that made bitcoins at the top is all because of adopters.If apple will get into cryptocurrency most probably the coins that they will be using will own high popularity since Apple is well known and has earned customers satisfaction with their quality gadgets.
  4. I personally converted my satoshis into ripple since this is the only available altcoins available on our local exchanger wallets other than Bitcoin.. because Bitcoin really has high withdrawal fees.But for now I try to save my satoshis for the upcoming halving as predicted bitcoins value would soar even higher after that event.
  5. Satoshi Nakamoto remains anonymous at this moment in time.Even if there are people who claim that he or they are Satoshi Nakamoto the one who invented Bitcoin years back but they can't prove anything.Nakamoto leave us with his creation.What hinders bitcoins idea of decentralization and trade anonymously is one of bitcoins concept as well as the creator I guess.
  6. Most techniques or strategies that traders used to share is to do not put all eggs in one basket,just invest the amount that a trader can afford to loose,buy low sell high,hold Bitcoin for long term investments.But I prefer to choose the possible coin the has the capability to stay in the market and study market movements for a good profit.
  7. I do agree with what everyone says in these threads,whales play a role in the manipulation of bitcoins price in the market.Since they hold huge amount of bitcoins there's big chances for them to control bitcoins value.Good thing if a trader can monitor the movements of the market overtime there's a possibility that they can catch up and analyze the incoming bulk dump or bulk buying of bitcoins.I don't think if it's possible,chances is, they can ride the flow of whales manipulation of bitcoins value in the market.
  8. I have also read some articles that Bitcoin would reach $100,000 after the 3 months of halving.Its unpredictable really,but reality will tell us in the coming May 2020 where Bitcoin are expected to rise after 3 months.
  9. There's still no clarifications that this pay per post campaign would end.Every forum requires popularity and acceptance and this is their way to make it to their target capacity. I think if this forum reaches their target then maybe that's the time that they will end this up.But for now let's enjoy the ride and take advantage on this opportunity by earning from our ideas on crypto.
  10. There are progressive countries that already used bitcoins as their salary payment system and merchants with Bitcoin ATMs.Their government are open for changes not like other countries who regulates the use of this Bitcoin because they thought that Bitcoin can kill the banking system.That is why adoption can hardly be accepted in the whole world due to government that doesn't want transparency.
  11. Even myself find it a little harder to reply some topics because some of them are just repeated ones but I just try to be more positive and keep on looking for new topics that I haven't been able to reply.If I have questions in mind most especially if I don't have any idea on the topic I try to research first so that I have something to share relevant information to the said topic.
  12. When the world we live in is already in digital form this influences alot to cryptocurrency world.People have adopted to use this a payment system in which we doesn't need to bring cash with us and just a phone and scanning the QR code then it's done.Though nowadays most people can't get out of their comfort zone and still using fiat it's all because people are not widely educated by crypto and digital techniques.But as soon as we go through huge adoptation with the latest trends everything in the future will continue to be digital.
  13. There are only 21 million bitcoins and it was being said that it will be all mined this 2140..we still have 120 years to take advantage on bitcoins existence and if the time that those 3 million bitcoins left to be mined,we will never know what will be the next generation would do to make it stay or it will be lost like no value at all.
  14. I don't post comments on topic that looks like copy paste and the idea doesn't belong to the author.I'd rather look for another topic that I can share my thoughts with without the fears of might be deleted by the mods.
  15. There are really negative people with negative thoughts most especially if they doesn't have any idea about it.Maybe they openly heard about cryptocurrency or maybe Bitcoin but the near fact that there are lots of scams and Ponzi scheme nowadays people doesn't easily believe in it.But those who have knowledge in Bitcoin would definitely get interest because they knows that Bitcoin have change many lives in terms of financial gain.
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