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  1. You were right mate cryptotalk for us now is the best forum to continue to learn new things about cryptocurrency.I also came from bitcointalk and I have seen that we still have a lot of things to know and this place would be the best place to learn from it.
  2. You can use this site as a starting point for earning satoshis mate.There are lot of apps nowadays but there's little chances for you to earn but in this site you will earn satoshis and at the same time you will learn alot from here.
  3. Right today bitcoiners that invested last year May have earn their profit from Bitcoin.Its is a promising coin that gives profits if we just have patience to wait.As predicted this year would be another ATH of Bitcoin and it would soar even higher.Lets all wait for that.
  4. Yes mate we need to make more post and surpass the useful post so that we can recieve payments again.There are so many deleted topics for now and It's never that easy to cope up if the deleted post or comments accumulates.
  5. You were right mate,the deleted comments on my accounts really accumulates and its getting harder for me to cope up just to get paid.Its feels so frustrating because I also didn't see that I violated the rules but still there are comments of mine being deleted.
  6. Cryptotalk is my part time job,actually I'm a mother of two and wanted to give myself worth it not just for being a mother but a provider also.I wanted to have my own earnings and doesn't depend only for only one source of income.This decisions made me feel alot better than just a stay at home mom.Its called self satisfaction and self worth.
  7. Rosepetals

    Crypto world

    My fears in cryptocurrency is that cryptotalk would be regulated and totally eradicated as times goes by.Government fears about cryptocurrencies concept and if government officials in the whole world take this illegal in then most probably Bitcoin and other cryptos would become useless and priceless.As of now there are countries that engaging into Bitcoin same as merchants and hoping that in a long run this will continue and all countries will follow so that my fears would be gone.
  8. Rosepetals

    KYC or not

    I hate doing KYC mate because there's risk involve with it.In time we will never know if the project is legit and might use those private informations in an illegal activities.That is what I'm worried about.
  9. Well according to emotions I can tell that I am not that strong to face every situation about the rise and fall of value in the market.I have come to a point that I also get panicked when Bitcoin price fall drastically and maybe it's just a natural emotions that really affects us because we do care on bitcoins to be productive in due time.
  10. Can you provide any links mate so that we can visit the site and might get involved if we found it deserving our time and efforts.It is most important that you have prove that the site is really paying sonits not a waste of ours precious time.
  11. I haven't received any of these kind of scams but thank you for informing everybody here because we might fall for these schemes.Lets not easily believe on any emails or calls asking some money.Be vigilant instead.
  12. Right mate,most users of bitcointalk have much knowledge on crypto most especially those who have stayed in the forum for years.Whats happening today is that the organizer of this forum is very wise because they uses both forum to promote this new created one.The idea of pay per post in both campaign seems a good investments to own popularity.
  13. It depends on the fields that we are doing.If you are an investor you need to take risk and the reward here is not instant because of votality rate of Bitcoin and altcoins value.If you are a bounty Hunter time is much needed and knowledge so you can earn money in this forum and if you have special skills there are jobs related to computer designing that pays Bitcoin.
  14. It's very difficult to earn 1 btc in a week mate.Even if we tripled our jobs to be here is not that easy.Only high valued investors might can earn that amount because they have huge capital for investments.Investors were risktakers and I think they are just the person having the ability to earn Bitcoin.
  15. You just need to do a minimum of100 characters,but for me I don't really count characters I just let my thoughts and constructive ideas of the topics to share of the forum so that I can contribute something maybe we are all aiming for the payments but let's think first if that post we shared deserved the payments that give to us.
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