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  1. I was actually not aware of this, I was about to comment that you cannot delete your post and that only you can edit it but apparently there is a way to delete the post ,this is good information thank you for sharing this.
  2. If you are starting out then the yobit exchange program and the invest box is highly recommended. if you are a beginner then I would highly recommend investing your TOK token in the invest box, it would give you really good return.
  3. One of the safest ways you can store your cryptocurrency is to get a wallet in the form of a USB. By this way you can carry around your cryptocurrency right in your pocket and you don't have to worry about hackers.
  4. my take on success is that you should always be patient when you make your decisions and you should know every option available to you , you should not jump in on a new thing for some quick profit but you should make some informed decisions for true success.
  5. there might be many reasons why you get negative reputation in the forum, what you have to realise is there are some rules and regulations to the site. Apart from the points mentioned in the topic you should make it certain that your comment is helpful and informative.
  6. As of currently the amount of time needed to post is 180 seconds or three minutes. You cannot post two comments consecutively any faster than that. This restriction has been put in place that spamming of comments can be avoided.
  7. The thing about Bitcoin is that there are no third parties in the loop. When Bitcoin goes through a rough patch and the value decreases or halves it's just because other people have decided to sell of the amount of Bitcoin that they have in bulk amounts. There aee many reasons why people decide to sell it off , recognition of the reasons make a successful investor.
  8. this might be my own personal opinion but I feel that when the government institutions begin to interfere in the crypto currency domain we wont have as much benefit from it as we do now. That I feel will be the end of cryptocurrency as a whole like we know it.
  9. The whole faucet sites are something which I have never ventured into, I have not heard many good things about it either that is the main thing is littering me from doing it. What I have heard is that faucet sites are mostly scam and you won't get any benefits from it.
  10. I personally value the Bitcoin cryptocurrency really well and I don't want it to be removed from the market anytime soon. Bitcoin has been a revolutionary thing which has happened to the whole peer-to-peer payment seen.
  11. What you must understand is the basic rules of investing and trading. Cryptocurrency is an untapped market for investing, And when you invest in certain currencies the value of that particular currency will increase drastically given its right time. I personally hold my cryptocurrency so that the value will increase.
  12. I personally only have heard of one bounty challenge since joining crypto talk. bounty challenges are highly dependent on the amount of work you do ,basically they will ask you to do specific tasks which you must complete and the way you complete them decide the pay.
  13. I think what the new member should do is follow the rules and regulations of the forum to the max. When you adhere to the rules naturally you won't make any silly mistakes. You will also gain a lot of knowledge by going through and being active in the forum which will result in you being a useful member.
  14. Yes I have met many people through crypto talk and made many friends and talk with experienced members in the forum. I have to take my friend for introducing me to this platform. It has been a wonderful two months for me while being in the forum.
  15. The best advantage of cryptocurrency is that it is done peer to peer there is no middle man or institution behind the currency. Payments are instantaneous and we can control our investments and trades within our fingertips.
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