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  1. At the beginning of the year it was quite moving steady ,but when the pandemic came in everything changed and the price dropped a bit, but am sure it will rise massively at the end of the year,towards November to dece
  2. I have been in cryptocurrency world for just a very short period , am very new in the crypto world, that's why am using that forum as a guide to benefit more knowledge and earn again , so this forum is serving a double benefit to me , to learn and to also earn
  3. Am still a bit confuse about this Satoshi, am sorry guys ,am a bigginner i would appreciate it if someone can make me understand more with just a little summary about it, thanks in advance guys
  4. This forum has changed the life of many people, it helping alot to be honest, you gain massively through crypto and yet you earn some coins in replying or make a post, am happy to be here despite the fact that i joined late
  5. Holding some crypto like the smaller coin is a nice thing to do, depending on their presents market value, they are liable to increase in market value in the future ,so holding them now till their market value increase before trading or selling them is a very wise thing to do
  6. A typical yes , very true, it the head and the foundation of cryptocurrency, the hight coin in the market today and if am not mistaken it is the first coin invented, lot of people trading in it also
  7. Scammers are in every where today , so scammer to be in crypto where money is dealt with shouldn't be a surprise thing, make sure you consult ways online on how you can prevent been scammed, anyone can be victim though
  8. Name of doesn't appear ,so there is no way a person would know those that react negative on a post that is reasonable, a post that will benefit the forum, and a post that is worth giving positive reaction, but the moderators surely can see them and we all hope they take a positive action about it
  9. As I always say to bigginners , before investing, consult senior members first , it will guide you , don't show or do i too know, stuff like that isn't not done like thag in the crypto world. I prefer to collect
  10. Block chain is making life become a digital world today. It the the future and we can all see how it growing massively everyday, we all have to accept the fact that block chain is indeed the future
  11. Make sure you have all necessary details about your wallet,the log in information ,keeping it safe and secure will surely benefit you in the future, so make sure the login details are safe and secure
  12. Bitcoin has become what investors shock on. Online way of making it, while gold has been in existence since decades and the market value still remain high, but one can't just invest in gold easily like bitcoin
  13. True talk my brother, you are indeed delivering strong and important message to the forum, we all learn from our mistakes , we fall and raise again, we make better things through our mistakes,
  14. Yes I agree with you mate, you have explained it well that even a layman can understand, nice post, am having little problem in understanding the difference before but now with this your post I can tell I understand more
  15. Confirm my brother , it all depends on what you post here , how you reply to comment and patience, sometimes you find it hard to make things right and spend time in the forum, but be calm and things would work out
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