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  1. Most people that do mistake in investment are those that don't have knowledge about it, that's why it good or wise to have more or vast knowledge about any related to cryptocurrency before we put our self into it, or what do you reason @Trainz
  2. Nothing in life is perfect as everything has it own lapses , I have seen some annoying thing about cryptocurrency, so of which are, the way the prices of coins dump, I really find it annoying , but it has to happen like that to make things move smoothly ,how about you @Shantos
  3. Yobit investbox is a feature in the yobit exchange site that give it members the opportunity to invest their coin and gain some profit in return, after some hours, it a very good place to invest in, I have invested my coin there several times and it really cool .have you tested the yobit investbox before @Shantos
  4. I don't think it advisable, every body with there opinion, in my opinion I will advice you convert even if it half of your Fiat money to cryptocurrency,any thing can possibly happen in the cryptocurrency world, or what your say about this @Dorjoy12
  5. I don't agree with that, that can happen in the coming Future, I know of some countries that don't still accept cryptocurrency, so how would those countries transact with crypto, indeed crypto is taking over every or almost every corner of the world, but replacing physical money in 2021 will be very difficult ,or what do you think @Gomez12
  6. I don't think it only Bitcoin that transaction on black market , anything related to money has to do with black market, so it a normal thing , and mind you Bitcoin is not for black market ,or is it for black market @Mubiflow ?
  7. That's why we also need to give our best to the forum, it offers us lots of opportunities like acquiring knowledge, earning from BTC ,talk token and also bounties (where we advertise and get paid) we also meet new friends here, so it also our responsibility to give the forum our Best
  8. It indeed a welcome idea ,we move together here, we build each other, so it good we advice each other to work more hard and to be in the safe place in the forum, just like you said, hard work and been safe will keep us very safe in the forum without panic
  9. Yes ,I think what you said is very true,when we give a rate to what a member write, it simply means we are appreciating there good work, that will encourage them to write something better so as to get more rate. So let give credit to who deserves.
  10. That's true, I think the beginners section has almost every answers the newbies need, that's why it advisable for them to always visit the section so that they will have more skills there, after that they can visit the crypto world section, they would have acquired more skill before advancing to the crypto world section
  11. That's true, the tag feature is an incredible feature that the moderators invent,it has helped us alot, as you said @Projectcrypto we really need the help or the idea of senior members in topics or comments we find difficult to understand
  12. That's why we need to be responsible to the forum, we need to not violate the forum rules and promote the forum to be the best cryptocurrency forum, since it giving us lot of opportunities, let give it better things also to be responsible members
  13. Good day cryptotalkers 🤗! I know some members especially the newbies would be wondering on what do this topic mean as they see the same topic in different sections. Right was the answer as stated from the title 'tagging' , whenever we use the tag feature in a topic it makes that topic reflects to other topics. How do you react when you first saw a topic in different section??😜
  14. Yes mate, infact it need to go more harder not even hard, am sure other bounty opportunities will come ,and we need to work hard so we can get positive reputation in the forum, positive reputation means good work mate
  15. November 24 - 30 November Date:-11-30-2020 Name of campaign:Signature Cryptotalk username: Jaafar Fahad Hassan Link to Cryptotalk:https://cryptotalk.org/profile/242573-jaafar-fahad-hassan/ Telegram username: @jaafarfahad BetFury nickname: Trainz Link to the posts:- 1 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/328042-many-contents-zero-reputations/?do=findComment&comment=10615559 2 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/328042-many-contents-zero-reputations/# 3 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/98403-did-cryptotalk-contribute-in-saving-lives/?do=findComment&comment=10652531 4 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/327369-more-topics-more-idea-less-topic-less-idea/?do=findComment&comment=10510954 5 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/97347-do-not-do-this/?do=findComment&comment=10626882 6 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/327773-why-newbies-not-allowed-to-posts-in-cryptoworld/?do=findComment&comment=10626061 7 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/327972-how-to-do-virtual-mining/?do=findComment&comment=10622710 8 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/68097-two-family-members-use-crypto-talk-in-same-location/?do=findComment&comment=10565476 9 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/97674-who-will-be-affected-first/?do=findComment&comment=10565432 10 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/326848-my-friend-just-introduced-me-here/?do=findComment&comment=10565284 11 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/322003-why-cryptotalk/?do=findComment&comment=10565159 12 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/321984-help-me-on-yobit-cryptotalk-forums/?do=findComment&comment=10564971 13 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/322686-newbies-read-before-posting/?do=findComment&comment=10564912 14 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/327369-more-topics-more-idea-less-topic-less-idea/?do=findComment&comment=10564769 15 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/97360-cryptotalk-is-helping-you-in-this-pandemic/?do=findComment&comment=10524279 16 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/325936-i-have-completed-my-first-100-post-in-8-months/?do=findComment&comment=10524095 17 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/327207-new-member-needs-guidance/?do=findComment&comment=10523853 18 : https://cryptotalk.org/topic/58622-did-you-start-crypto-when-you-first-heard-about-it-or-after-a-while/?do=findComment&comment=10492448
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