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  1. I am trying to earn from many online jobs and while this may be one I will not be on the forum only for this but to become a good member and others can count on my posts. I have some knowledge of crypto but I still learn and hope the forum to help in this too. But to live from crypto I can't for now and I have to study my lessons too so I can find a job when I finish with be a student.
  2. Thank you for making this information known to us, I did not know about it and did not see that there were baned members from the forum but it happens sometimes and so this is why we can't give them reaction. There is need to follow rules and be a member that is helping with my posts and as a beginner I will try to become a good member that helps a lot.
  3. I have not use bitcointalk and I look at it earlier but it looks very bad as a forum of very old and cryptotalk is better for me to use and understand. I tried to register at bitcointalk and I could not it was senting some message and made me stop. Cryptotalk was all easy for me.
  4. I haven't known that because I wasn't giving so many but now that I finished the 100 free posts and I may start getting paid I need to give the maximum to get double talk. I thank you for helping me to understand how this work and we need mor posts that help the users with explain the forum.
  5. Very good post that helps me a lot as a beginner to know how and to what posts I should reply and what to be looking for, I thank you and I will use this advice to become better. There are many posts that are old and maybe not even need any answer from us.
  6. Talk look very good token and the member here from what I read have hopes it will be price very high, I have same hopes and why not become a very good coin that will be traded in many exchanges. People will learn about cryptotalk and try to enter the forum and also will use exchange. We maybe need another one or two good exchange to trade it.
  7. Yes, I agree this will help us a lot to minimize topics we don't care about and only have in our screen the ones that we think they are usefull with full information and only the title for the ones that we minimized. Very good suggestion.
  8. Yes this forum is the best and I hope to begin earn bitcoin too as for my part I am always try to help with very useful post and abide with the rules of this magnificent forum. I am hoping to find friends here and I suggest to everyone to read the rules again about how the campaign work to make the most from it because many do not understand and make post that they don't get paid as they thought.
  9. This is because you don't read the rules to know that you need to have good reputation in your posts. You also should give as you have 50 reputation every day. Do you give to posts that are good and deserve them? You people not read the rules and blind go and make post without care for others is why, the one you got was because others as me found your posts interesting and good.
  10. Thank you for the advice I plan to move to next sections but I am still a beginner so this can be the best for us when we are beginner and maybe start looking to other section too when we be more advanced.
  11. Yes a transition when crypto will be integrated in our economies will be possible as now everyone has a smart phone and interacts with people in social and connect with others even face to face. But not only 30% own a phone today must be at least 80% without including very young children that should avoid be close to electric devices as these. Everyone can use crypto today and it can happen in a small time.
  12. Paypal may look to create their coin but I don't know if they are seriously thinking about this as why they need to change if they are already successful, everyone has a paypal and most people used it before so I don't know if they will make a very big change in their business because of crypto, but I read that they will allow trading of cryptocurrencies.
  13. I may agree about trade but when I want to invest it is better to wait and not buy very high if price was 50% lower a few months ago. I feel the same now for the cryptocurrencies and I am not invest but try to earn from crypto jobs on the internet and avoid any scams.
  14. Yes very important to give and receive reputation and the tokens are nice we receive but it has to be given to the post that are deserving and give encourage and reward for their good attitude in the forum and their excellent posting.
  15. Thanks as a beginner this help me a lot and I am always avoid all these you talked about, never make irrelevant comment, always explain and try not to give any false information to others, these are all make us better writer. There are scammer every place in crypto and they are not only should care about reputation but about get a ban from the forum too. This is the worst to scam and we must not allow them.
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