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  1. You can earn money by registering in all the air launches of the exchange or pages some pay others you should not be lucky to be able to earn some money friend
  2. Yobit not support usdt its a only USD support so you can't converted bitcoins in usdt, you just exchange bitcoins in USD and withdrawal this USD in online ..
  3. Trust Wallet Token (TWT) is a utility token that can only be used within the app. This will be used to incentivize all Trust Wallet users .
  4. It's a great idea to teach the skill of the cryptotalk world. And also by delivered the interesting and knowledge able post. It is also a helpful method of payment in this forum.
  5. They look like lottery competitions and need luck in order to succeed in them. I know many friends who lost their money because of them, so I advise you to stay away from it.
  6. You are asking correctly in the end that you need to know how bitcoin works and you can find a lot of posts about this online and on this forum too. This is the only question you should begin and not how to make money by Bitcoin that is what comes later.
  7. I guess free earning idea and way is temporary for making money. You have to find another ways for make money from online like blogging, affiliate marketing, trading, investment plans and Cryptotalk.
  8. I am trying to spent most of my time here to know more about cryptocurrency. There are many good and usefull contents of many experienced persons which i found very helpfull and informative.
  9. I am a beginner, I joined this platform in 2020. My friend suggested me about this platform. I got to know more about crytocurrency and trading thanks to cryptotalk. This platform also helped me to improve my grammar and socializing skill.
  10. I find this forum through my friend who shared it to me. Because before i wasted all my time working with faucets without earning good amount. And i believe this forum will change my life in earning good money that can support my daily living.
  11. Most of the exchanges of the world shifted to a automatic withdrawal system. But there is also some exchanges that has very low volume and it withdrawal so late. Such kind of exchanges is so irretative. We need to use automatic withdrawal system exchanges because it is very fast and secure.
  12. Yes i agree even if giving reputation is open to everyone we shouldn't abuse the use of it. As a member we should encourage everyone to use it in a proper way not just for the sake of giving reaction with no reason. We should respect this forum and its feature we should use it in a proper and right way.
  13. I think yobit exchange is one of the finest earning site. It's not a sacm site. In yobit wallets you easily send and collect your amount.yobit eaxhang is spreading all around . Thanks for all your service of yobit.
  14. When i first came to crypto world my income was to doing airdrop. But after sometimes i realized that the money i will get not worth the time i have to put so i decided to join bounty campaign and still i am doing it today.
  15. Well I am thinking continously about this fact that now as the pandemic is prevailing why the bitcoins price is not low. Now I think that exactly Covid started in late 2019. And we know that the price of bitcoin decreased continuously till February and then March there was sudden increase. This is because peoples are now trading in crypto so obviously its price is increasing.
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