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  1. Many people are searching for this question for many times. Beginners have to be careful to not fall with scammers ! Because they may lose their money and their coins. Nowaday we know that Cryptotalk is the best way to earn money because it give us a good amount and in a short time
  2. I'm also new here but let me tell you something important. When you sign up here you for sure checked the " Accept the rules of the forum " so he must go to see the rules before he do anything ! If you want to work here to get paid so you have to work hard
  3. It's really a great thing to earn 20K satoshi per day ! It's really good amount. It's still really hard to find a trusted website that could pay you 20K satoshi per day. I just want to ask you if earning TALK Token is still working or available.
  4. Trading is not easy like you say .. you just descripe how a treader think ! If you want to be a trader you have two choices. 1- Depending on the others's signals ( I recommend it for beginners ) 2- Trying to anlyse the charts of the coin to know the targets ( this way need to be experinced in trading )
  5. Spending the time here in this forum is depending on many things ( Typing speed - working/studying - mobile/laptop) For me I still new here so I'm just working a little bit to avoid do anything against the rules.
  6. The most important thing for evoiding from being banned from any website is respecting tye rules of it. I have noticed thay each section here has his rules. As a new member here I want to try to do all my best to respect the rules to keep learning and earning from this forum.
  7. I think that short term trading is really suitable for people who had small capital. With this strategy they could increase or double their capital in short time. Investing is much suitable for people who had a big capital
  8. Fake sites are increasing day by day .. especially with Crypto field. Many people have falt because of these scams sites because they don't know about fake or scams sites Telegram scammers nowadaws are the most talented people because they could take your money easily with many ways
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