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  1. I do no want to be very bullish, but I will tell this, I am one year in the market and this is accumulation now. A new wave is approaching that will be the last but also the most profiting one we have seen. But I am advice not to only invest in BTC, this will be profitable also and maybe 3-4 times higher but this is time to risk in low altcoins that did not grow all this time to very high prices.
  2. It was creating something good, a community of equal members writing for what we love. But then the bad people that joined abused the forum with spam and bots, this led to this decision to stop the payments and hopes are this will be restore at a later day.
  3. I hope so. Cryptotalk has been kind to us, and some managed to destroy this experience with their greed. Possibly the bonus of earning bitcoins will come back, I am coming back at times to check, and leave a post when I can.
  4. And this guy here is the reason we are all stop from the BTC payment. Well done guy @Alexa1 and all your other spam acounts you are create in the forum. Probably a bot like this will not read the reply, but just leave this comment here. Greed is stupid and you destroy something good.
  5. I don't know about the deleted posts I don't think so many are deleted maybe two or three for a week I find to be deleted on the yobit by comparing those that I written and those that are accepted for payment. Maybe not even this much, but 30 posts this is way too much, and maybe you have a problem where you post, there are sections that are not counting.
  6. It is a great plan to do and back when the post was made in december there had too many of these weak coins that are now a lot profitable if you bought. It is still has a lot of time more to give us better profit since the market seems to be on a good season for alctoins.
  7. When I comment early in October in this post, there was many difference from now. After the price started negotiating in yobit exchange, I was thinking it had a good chance, but the latest drop was going to happen because of the many using the investbox to take the profit. Any of these tokens have the same fate, but I am still having hope that a change can be in the talk token and not lost all hope.
  8. Yes my dear, you say welcome to a user that was here months before you and has already stopped posting. See the date? It is January when the post was made and this member just made 100 posts, seen that there was some cahnge in payment and stopped. You are creating a paradox with your post, by having made your account later than this guy and giving advice, but you are the beginner now, and not this one that is already gone.
  9. Do you know something about the payment that we do not? How is this that the payment will restart? It is clear that there has been too many low quality posts and the payment stopped for this. Maybe there is more need for a different payment that will be only given to the posts that are worthy?
  10. I will answer with only this: Yes. And to make it more real, many made a million with cryptocurrency but they had invested a lot. Investing comes with many dangers, you need to do it carefully and be sure to have many investments, not only crypto, but also stocks and houses. Going all your money in crypto is not correct investment to make.
  11. In my side, I recommend the tipping to be done by the forum, not by users. And I will explain how this can be done: New post gets review by forum moderators, receives tip by the forum, not by users. A really good comment will also be seen as helping it will also receive tip. Those tips are enter a forum wallet and we can use them to tip others, or withdraw to Yobit. The main source of tips will be the forum, and the users only if they want they will tip another. This way, the forum controls that spammers will not receive any tokens. Now a recommendation about the tip amount is to be valued perhaps $1 in Talk tokens in today price. This is up to the forum. The forum may have a certain daily amount to pay, lets say $100. This will be divided in the daily new posts, and some comments that are top responses. Also because some topics are very higher in quality, the forum can tip them higher, maybe with a $10 maximum, so the rest will be allocated to other posts.
  12. I read that it was a sale to test liquidity and maybe it was this because when buying you find sellers, but there is also need to find buyers when selling. But we know that sometimes the market has less liquidity of real buyers, this is where the exchanges buy and support price. And there is 50 billion usdt in stable coins too that also used to make liquidity higher. I do not know if the sale was for this reason, but I see Musk was a little concerned to tweet instantly about that event and to take a defensive position.
  13. I have read that Dash has good speed and low fees. This is not the only important but needs to have high decentralization too, I am not sure if it does succeed in that field. I check the Dash charts and it is not performing great, in this time it should have done a lot better from where it is. Maybe this network is not adopted so much yet.
  14. What update is this my dear? I do not see a difference from the time I signed up Binance last year. But since this is from your blog, then why you are not quoting what you already wrote in your blog and give us a link to find proof it was your blog. When you copy your self between forums and blogs it does not work like that. I am just seeing some links inside the post of someone named nadiri and posts are in arabic there.
  15. I am again surprised with binance, after stocks it is also now launches a nft market, but I hope this will have low fees to be a success. I have seen these marketplaces but the fees I needed only to register a wallet was 60 dollars so I did not try at all. Binance is becoming even bigger with these moves and it seems it adds anything that becomes a hype very fast. I wonder how much it will evolve with following years.
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