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  1. Very good lesson I am learn from this is, and I am hope that there are many that are listen because I am one that is try to learn a lot more because I saw that the crypto has many potenteal for profit except from the trading that I am make, and maybe the risk to trade can be less if I learn a lot more about the crypto. This is what I want from the forum and I admit I am learnt a lot and see better now.
  2. Good given to us this advice, I am very thankful and maybe this that you are explain is some trick with margin that happen in many exchange because they have the over the counter market too that can help someone buy lower than the spot market and then sell there for a profit, but this is not why some make profit and other not. I am trading and you have to learn a lot about this. We are trade and make charts watch the price and make prediction according to historic data and average prices for a certain time. This what you descibe is something different.
  3. My dear this is the true. I am started traded but I did not know what I was trade and Bitcoin gave me a good profit from the March when the price crash but now I am trying to learn and find more about this. I am have seen many people that are not for the money but they are talk about freedom and how this is decentralize blockchain. This is interest me and I am look forward to learn more and become wise.
  4. Yes I am think that all the young and educating people must learn a lot about crypto and teachers have to show to use the wallet and exchange, learn to profit how to stop loss and everything they will need about the crypto. The best teacher for this can be forums too as cryptotalk and maybe there can be seminars that will help the children learn yobit and trade there.
  5. This if this happen it will be very helpful for us that we are today trade and own cryptocurrency. We are have a lot more to learn as beginner but we are a head of the rest and we can earn a lot more. It is our job to help crypto reach the good adoption we expect and promote with good words and kind social skills.
  6. Yes this is the best advice in the forum and I am appreciate that you tell us too. I am not greedy and I am know very well that if we want to success in life we need to be very patients. With this skill we will make a lot but if we are note patients but greed will make us lose our trade. We trade for a small profit and we are hope for the market to go up again.
  7. As a city I have not heard one to be more friendly for bitcoin. Maybe as a country it is the US or Australia but I have not seen a city to be very friendly. What this mean that they will have bitcoin signs in walls and say we accept Bitcoin? There was HondKong that did something with ads in the city so mayb this is the best friendly.
  8. I did not know that cryptocurrency will replace physical money in the next year. This is good knowledge but maybe you are thinking very fast because 2021 is very close and I have not see a sign to tell us that crypto will replace the physical money this early. Maybe you are very optimistic but we must learn better and not make mistakes as this.
  9. It was the thing that attract me too the corona make me stay home and look for trading and I found that all crypto was down to the bottom enough to begin trading and I bought and trade many coins to make some money but I maybe should have made more risk. I also am find Yobit and this has been the decision to the trade and investbox in the exchange that can make a long profit for many time to me.
  10. This is very bad how he is trie to trick you and steal your money. I am report these scammers that are a lot and they are make very bad for our time when we want to ask for something in they are jump and talk to us like we know them, very rude, very stupid too that only look for very naive people to scam.
  11. Hi my dear, you are tell us this but we are want to hear your story, how are you first learn of Bitcoin where you read and how you found this source, it will be very nice for all of us to know more. But you are a lot of unlucky because you taken 8 years to understand and when you are bought it was the top. How you did not buy in 2013 too when the price was very high and it was going very well for bitcoin, you did not listen about bitcoin again until 2018?
  12. My opinion is for crypto to go up but will this make you something difference and perhaps you are buy and invest? Maybe you did not and now that are prices high you are think again about it? This is what you miss did you the buy very low and instead you are sold very low bitcoin you earned. I am hope you did not and you are hold still.
  13. I am trade and sometimes people need to read the news to make decision but I am tell them to read the charts all the news are in the chart before we are read about them. We not need to know news because they were told earlier and trader are bought before with information that they think will be correct and made real.
  14. It was difficult but I am understood. You tell people to do blogging if they are no money in bank to invest. I am have a better option to look for a job and make money and invest some of these. You will have good money earn and not only a small that will not help you any.
  15. I am like crypto and maybe they will make the global adoption but you are asking which among those coins. I am need to know which coins you want because you dear forget to tell us the coins.. You are need to have a lot of focus when you are righting your message because you can forget and think you are right something but you did not.
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