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  1. better invest in IEO than ICO, at least they will enter the exchange where IEO is conducted. but invest in IEO or ICO are very high risk, no one can guearnted you will make profit
  2. for me which makes airdrop a side job, it's can be a good or not earning. it's depend the project where airdrop is provided
  3. Some people think they can bypass House edge , in real no one can win from house edge , remember you are playing with a computer. Its purely luck based game.IF you are really lucky today then play it otherwise you will fall at end.
  4. Trading is not gambling. in trading you have to conduct proper Technical and Fundamental analysis before you buy. Gambling is a pure combination of LUCK and SKILL. If you are very skilled and you have got your luck, you can be successful in Gambling. but both of them have own risk
  5. i think no, but maybe they will create their own cryptocurrency. why china never accpet bitcoin because the china government considers bitcoin and it's inherent instabilities to be a threat to the yuan.
  6. First and the foremost important thing invest in crypto is that you should never invest more than you can bear the loss for. No matter how much you plan for any investment there are always risks as the market is volatile.
  7. The cryptocurrency market might experience a market optimism in 2020, as not only Bitcoin, but all the major cryptocurrencies might experience an upward shift. Bitcoin halving is going to happen in May 2020, wherein the miner reward will decrease from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC. You can exchange ETH to BTC at the best rate at Overblock.
  8. i have some bad experience in crypto like invest in cloud mining and HYIP, all of them to be scams. one more, i am getting scam when invest in ico. but it's my mistake because didn't do research about the ico that I join
  9. i think it's not a good idea when invest in a single coin. i recommended to diversifying your investment to minimize the risk. you can create 5 investment with buy top 10 cryptocurenncy
  10. I didn't longer join the bounty campaign. i did't get my rewards from the last bounty campaign I followed. so it's wasting my time
  11. nobody can analyse in crypto market, moreover give a guaranteed 100% profit. I don't think this makes sense
  12. becoming a good day trader is not as easy as we think. To become a good day trader you'll need to learn to manage your money correctly news and another important thing is the ability to analyze to recognize trend and trends in charts. Traders should be able to quickly analyze and take advantage from it. it requires some time to study
  13. yeah that's true, better to sell when we make a profit. but with strong support and partnership, holding altcoin will give good profit in future
  14. The total amount is set to 21 million and its written into the code. You are not limited to buying per BTC though. They are divided in satoshis (the smallest divisible amount). The reason for the limited supply of Bitcoin is to created a scenario where if Demand is higher than supply, the price of BTC will rise. It can’t be manipulated by a third party through ‘quantitative easing’.
  15. some altcoin have bright future, there are some projects which bring optimization and new technology into the market, those with a bit of luck (Investment) will thrive and better the world of crypto
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