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  1. Yup you said it all, both stable and unstable coins have there own uses like you said, we can use unstable coins for trading and getting some profit from trading with it, and we use stable coins for holding our money when the price of some coins are not good for trading
  2. To be honest we can't compare centralized and decentralized system, banks have centralized systems and they have been controlled by some one or a government, but bitcoin is not controlled by anyone, and yeah like you said most person in the world like to use banks even if they don't have profit and that's because of knowledges they have,
  3. Hello good members, I brought you this app called "Real Research" the app is very easy to earn all we have to do is take some surveys and we earn a lots of moneys, they pay with TNC coin and 10 TNC is worth of 1 USD and we earn from 5TNC to 10TNC per survey, and there is no minimum withdrawal limits so you can withdraw any amount of TNC coins, and in order to withdraw i suggest you to use "Hotbit" exchanging site its also an app. IN order to start earning you have to verify you phone number and email address and finish 23 KYC questions, then you will start earning from surveys. When you refer a friend you will earn 5TNC. Use my referral link please: DON'T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD THE Hotbit APP. thank you
  4. That's true exchanging or trading sites holds our money for temporary only, we don't have to use thus wallets on exchanging sites that have a big risk like you said we may get hacked if we hold our coins for longer times on thus exchanging sites.
  5. That's true this forum helps the forum users to improve there English writing and also reading skill, i am one of thus members who get good knowledge from this forum, English is not my first language but i am improving it now.
  6. Yeah bitcoin have a very good potential on getting profit in short term, but getting loan in bitcoin is not easy thing to do, because no site will give us load easily because crypto worled is full of scammers o its hard to believe each other.
  7. There is no doubt that bitcoin is the most profitable and preferable cryptocurrency for investments, but for newbie thus are new to crypto world and crypto investment i suggest to invest on coins with low prices, like litecoin XRP and TRX coins thus coins have little chance of losing moneys.
  8. Wow so you are saying we can use same WI-FI router with different devices, that will not affect our account? thanks for you useful information's, when my friends came to my home i don't allow them to use my Wi-Fi router because i am scared what if the forum bans me.
  9. Yeah now a days most platforms askes a KYC verifications system, and we have to upload our identity information's to thus sites which is the most scariest thing to do, most of thus sites are scam sites and they take our data's and that will have a bad outcome.
  10. Yup that's the most best thing i like form yobit exchanging site, they don't ask us KYC verifications for creating account and also for exchanging coins, that makes yobit easy and favorable for most users, and i also like the investbox which we can earn additional moneys.
  11. That's true making our topics easy to understand will help other members to get good information's from our posts, and also we will get profit from there reactions on our posts, but i see some topics which are so hard to understand and i skep them.
  12. No you can replay on one topic more than once and still get paid for each and every replays or comments that you maid, but you have to make sure that you didn't make similar comments more than once because that's against the forum rule, but we can replay or comment deferent ideas more than once in same topic.
  13. I agree with you, we decide to buy or sell any crypto coin based on the time and price of the coin, if the price is high then i will sell it and get some profit, and if the price droops then i will buy the coin and hold it for some time till the price rice back.
  14. Yeah, as long as a topic is open for desiccation and replays then there will be no problem replying on thus topics even if there where created long time ago, but like you said there are close topics and we can't make replay to thus topics only reading them is possible.
  15. Dice game on yobit it have so many players, but like you said its very risky to get profit from it because its a gambling game and when we lose we play for returning our lose and we lose much more. so its bit risky.
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