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  1. Hello, I have read the comments about this site, and thank you, my friend, because I am a new member. I consider this site a security weapon against suspicious sites or fraud sites. I will remember this site
  2. Hello, I am a new member and when I registered on this site I read the instructions and regulations and I think they are clear, as ‭100‬ publications must be completed, after which 30 posts you get payments and every period about your balance to your portfolio through your username in the forum
  3. I think this is a good idea and it is commenting on old posts especially those that carry ideas but when commenting on an old post you must add at least an idea or suggestion and on the other hand this is a comfortable work especially for new members because their experience is few and I am a new member
  4. Hello guys, I am a new member here and I do not know legitimate sites except this site, but frankly, I am optimistic about this site, so I have no choice but to work on this site. Thank you.
  5. These are great ideas and good expectations, and the members of this forum, especially the new members, and I myself must make an effort for the success of this forum, and I think that updating the features in the future and increasing the chances of earning members will contribute to the success and development of the forum.
  6. When I registered my account on the platform Yobit and I used the same e-mail but with a password for the forum and did not ask me for a new e-mail, I do not know much about this issue and this is what happened to me
  7. Frankly, I am new here and it is not too late to earn but after finishing ‭100‬ posts, I think that I will invest in other future cryptocurrencies according to the sums I earn.
  8. I am new here and through my reading of the comments I concluded that the confidentiality of your Yobit account information and not sharing it with other people is the basis although I am new and I did not receive any payments but I agree with the views of the old members
  9. Usually my job details are not shared with my family members, and when I created an account for me in the forum, I did not tell anyone from the family, so I think that the information related to the encryption wallet ends with the end of the wallet owner, and it is not necessary for your family members to know this information
  10. I prefer dealing with lower prices for cryptocurrencies like Easy and Litecoin or even Ripple I expect to have a good future mention BTC ten years ago how its price was and how it has now become its price
  11. I am a new member of the forum and through reading the comments I found that the problem has been solved and I expect in the future such problems will be solved by the platform yobit able to solve
  12. In the beginning, I am a new member of the forum and did not understand what is meant by coins? However I started with Eazy cryptocurrency
  13. I am a new member in this forum and I knew that there are two sections in Russian and English and I chose English, as for the topic it should be beautiful and glorious
  14. For me, as a new member of this forum, I prefer to be in the second category for the sake of knowledge and money, and I hope to remain in this forum because it is a successful project.
  15. I think this is a great project for new members because it opens up a new horizon of profit as it fills leisure time and develops knowledge for new members about market movement and cryptocurrency prices
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