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  1. Are these applications all honest and guaranteed because I do not fear a lot in applications, most of them are liars even though I now work on free Bitcoin, but I did not reach the minimum withdrawal level I hope it is an honest application
  2. Most applications find the same problem, I do not reach the minimum withdrawal level, but I do withdraw from some applications, and most of them are related to digital currencies.
  3. For us, we live in Arab countries, and we face a problem in using the binance application because it does not accept the email of Arab countries, especially Morocco ... I hear a lot about him that he is excellent and they have many advantages We hope it will be a renewal of the application and allow us to subscribe and benefit from these offers
  4. I am working on this application cats garden and the cats have reached level 25 and I have $ 8.50 but I do not know how to turn coins into dollars to withdraw them because I have more than 28 coins how do I benefit from them
  5. In my opinion, electronic wallets are an important thing to store currency, but I prefer wallets that continue in the currency because they have two roles: storing money and promoting it.
  6. I suspect that most applications to earn bitcoin are not guaranteed Contrary to the sites, they are completely honest, so I worked on 3 sites that I withdrew from, but the profit is small but it is guaranteed
  7. I find a problem in buying bitcoin in my country, unlike the dollar, so it is not easy to spend directly on sites. I prefer trading it on trading platforms.
  8. Digital currencies are the bright future and the realization of Turwah as soon as possible
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