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  1. Yeahs right we are here to give the useful information to the website and the people's who depends upon the website, if you post useless comments the moderators will find your id and then remove you from this forum that is terrible thing so if you experienced that you can't able to share us also, please post only useful comments then only the beginners should know something about this page. Any way thank you. If you found some interesting things on my comment do follow, like if you like it then share it to some one for purpose.
  2. Yobit is a international coin exchange website in that website not like that fake currency and more stuffs, The most used coins in yobit: In the yobit you will get paid for each and every post in the medium of bitcoin if you want to withdraw the currency we have to convert it for the least value coins like the most used coins in crypto currencies. 1. Light coin. 2. Bitcoin. 3. Ether. 4. XRP. These are the most used coins in yobit exchanges and you can do your transactions via these coins.
  3. In the search bar we can search about peoples, tags and topics for some specific information so use that effectively you can also search your own creations, then scroll it and do the comment in the below comment box so that you can earn more satoshi's in the way of talk token then it will upload only after a week.
  4. crypto is the better investment ever seen it will trend in future and if we stuck with this crypto talk our token values will be good in future we can get double or more you can get because the bitcoin mining will end up soon before that if we have more bitcoins in future that should be a profitable thing because the bitcoin will end up and the supply will be stopped in future then demand will increase at that time we can sell our bitcoins for more profit as much we can.
  5. Before getting into the investing field you have to gain more knowledge about how the market is working and the bullish and bearish value as much you can, the investing gives you more profit then a daily job so read and gain knowledge about investing and then you go and invest there is neccessary to be a pro for investing all you need to do is you have to meet the professional investors and then you do.
  6. I always type good content filled comments it's because i want to gain more money and knowledge then only the moderators allow you to type and post comments continuously, then only you can earn more money and also a long lasting partner in digital future investors circle.
  7. The word "transition" is often used in human services to refer to the general process of someone is moving, or being moved, from one set of services to another. in common English, a "transition" is a movement, passage, or change that made by someone. In this cryptotalk the transition will happen often time as by the active and inactive actions of users.
  8. Yeah you can do comments and post it for the old topics or replying to someone's old posts our work is to give our comments usefully and effectively so unless the post got to deletion you can do comments for those old posts because no matter how old that posts or topics the main thing is that the posts should be useful and accordingly it also suits for today's trending matters.
  9. Don't be a blind while it comes to investing, if you are careless while investing for confirm you will stuck economically backwards because of individuals mistakes don't hear little mind people's let you rule keep a clear mindset on your ultimate goal then only you can succeed for my personal experience i lost my 1600 rs in Forsage scams.
  10. Moderators are highly active then other members because they are more active then normal users the reason is the amount of time spend in this website is more amount, if you want to be a pro so learn new and trending technologies. They are active in deletion of useless comments. And blocking the Spammers.
  11. YOU CAN GAIN KNOWLEDGE from the senior members by reading their posts and they are something better then beginners, they are working hard to gain knowledge i assure that this is a wonderful platform to gain more knowledge about the crypto currencies and how it's working then now what we are doing in this website all stuffs we can able to know by asking senior members privately and by creating new useful topics so totally this website is pretty good and interesting unless anyone removing you.
  12. There is no fixed price in crypto you can do your work that's it you can't control the fluctuations of the coins and it will change accordingly to the market and the token price is fixed only my boy the unfixed flectuations will happen because the value of satoushi will change every minute the range around 5 to 9 INR.
  13. For earning more coins you should have to do both things then only you can get more profits then the only way to increase the profit is increase the comment and create more topics as much as possible, reputation will not give you more profit rather it'll show you the quality of the content you make.
  14. Go to the hard ware shop and buy the processors like ASIC- application specified integrated circuit from that type of processors you can earn more profits then you can like that more kind of processors are there you can also mine bitcoins by buying and installing those things in your appartment.
  15. The only way that the scammer will trap you is the people point of view of the money if you are a gambler or a lottery ticket buyer there is a ease of getting trapped into the scams so be conscious of money outgoing and incoming, most of the crypto scams are happening by fooling others like that so don't be a fool. If you like my posts just give me a good reputation. Thank you.
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