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  1. You can earn free coin through this bot and the exchange is coming soon
  2. You can find the good percentages for many coins where the ROI is high to give big profits daily. To use investbox is a good investment these days I recommend to anyone who to invest and get good ROI in short time
  3. It is easy to use it and it provide a good ROI. It is recommended than other investment sites provider The good thing is that they gives different choices of investing according to their percentages
  4. This is a good service provider to anyone who wants to earn easily and it is a good ROI according to other exchanges
  5. Yes because it provide many features and options of gaining free coins than other exchanges sites
  6. The good way to earn easy and fast money with this bot. This is awesome
  7. Shopping with btc is easy and awesome option, it provides a fast operation without worries.
  8. It is a good choice to buy btc because it is not only a good way to keep your coin safe but also to increase your wolthy due to its changes
  9. Yes unconfirmed transaction is not secure
  10. Btc has more extra features that other currencies which makes it to be expensive
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