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  1. Centralized is when there are peoples that is holding your coins while the decentralized is when we are free to exchange our coins easily. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages between those two so use one depends on your current state.
  2. It is really large to the point that we can get confuse on what job we are going to take because there is really a lot. I hope that I can choose the best job that I can have and I think that it is trading but trading can make you earn or lose money.
  3. It is safe if you know that the crypto currency you are going to invest is legit and not a scam because there are some guys that is scamming other investors to try a new crypto currency but ends up losing their money.
  4. What I am doing is buying it when the price is still low the. I will wait until it rises up so that I can sell it in a higher price and it will make me earn a lot by just holding coin. It is the most basic concept of earning using crypto currency.
  5. This will continue to get discussed until it surpasses Bitcoin or until it dies because every coin owner's goal is to have a better coin to use and if they have a good coin then they will earn more. I hope that every coin will be a better someday.
  6. Being a good trader is one of the best thing that may happen on our life because if we are a good trader, the income we are getting will also be better so we should really learn well and train ourselves well to be a good trader.
  7. Can someone tell me why can't I put my cryptotalk UID? It always says Error Forbidden. What should I do ? I'm just a beginner here so I beg for your answer.
  8. I am also one of the victim of these sites because I didn't notice that my CPU is heating up when I am visiting the site so I continue to use it then my CPU suddenly burned and I need to buy another one and I need to keep safe.
  9. Money laundering is not a hard thing to do especially when it comes to crypto currency since there are no one holding and making the crypto currency secured. But we should really be a responsible user so that we can help the crypto currency to get improved.
  10. Now that the turkey country has its new and different crypto currency, the improvement of their country when it comes to financial system will sure be significant.
  11. Bitcoin is much nearer from that thing to happen because Bitcoin is already having a good performance even if it is still not yet fully matured so it still has space to improve.
  12. Not only if the posts has a useless topic. The account user can also get banned if they manage to spread a false information because it can out any newbie into trouble.
  13. There are some crypto users that is already not believing on Bitcoin so they are recommending a new and improved crypto currency but they don't know that Bitcoin is not yet fully matured and can still get improved
  14. Everyone who already know about the crypto currency will surely do that but it may change the future because if all of us time travelled and buy a crypto currency then the future of that crypto currency will surely be different from now.
  15. Having a deleted posts is not a problem about the forum, it is the problem about the one who posted it because the most.common reasons why your posts is getting deleted is because it has a useless content.
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