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  1. Yes, I have preferred cryptocurrency, and the best crypto for me the lisk, on which there are many variable volatility that allow profit. As well as Xlm is the most preferred in the long term, and for what repel from crypto is stagnation for a long period after the decline.
  2. Altcoin, or alternative currency, is each alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin the first crypto, and these cryptocurrencies may differ from Bitcoin in terms of structures, names, prices, and cost of withdrawals.
  3. This is good news that issuing a cryptocurrency debit cards strengthens the crypto, and this is a positive thing for cryptocurrency dealers, in addition to that ease of deposit and withdraw is required and encourages investment.
  4. In fact, this is very difficult, but not impossible, as the commission on bitcoin will become so high that one day it may produce another equation for the digital currencies.
  5. Yes, projects of a fraudulent nature may be local or International, and it is possible to choose a different IP address in order to mislead the user or making difficulties to track the location of the project.
  6. Sometimes new designations appear on the net as a names for the smaller part of the cryptocurrencies as Latoshi for the smaller part of Iitecoin, but most of the names are Satoshi for the smaller part of the cryptocurrencies if it is Bitcoin or other .
  7. At the present time it is not desirable to exchange all the FIAT currency to crypto for various reasons, the main one unaccepting crypto in all daily dealings, but in the future it is expected that the FIAT currency will disappear and replaced by the crypto .
  8. According to a technical study, the Xrp is not encouraging to enter it, although there is a high probability that a large jump in the price will happened , but the risks are great.
  9. From now on, we could see sudden rise in some cryptcurrencies after the split of Bitcoin, the notable candidates being Ethereum, Bitcoin , Dash and Lisk.
  10. When investments increase, this reflects positively on the cryptocurrencies that investors buy it to set up a specific projects or to deal with them over the network and converting fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies increases the volume of demand on crypto and thus reflect positively on the value for it.
  11. Unfortunately, they write the truth, as there is no courtesy in the science that the fragility of the system related to crypto still impedes the development of this sector. In fact, I was subjected to stealing thousands of dollars from my accounts in three exchange sites, and piracy attack hits websites constantly as happened recently with Twitter , coinbase and others.
  12. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies that can be held for this year, the first and most important of it are BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR and XTZ, as well as some new crypcurrencies, including Freecoin and Dice ,Pivx.
  13. Each cryptocurrency has a special feature or more that makes the possibility of increasing its value more or less, and this depends on the goal of it sometimes or on a certain efficiency in performing a specific purpose and in some cases the rise results from a large amount of demand after a certain studies in the possibility of making a profit, so it may takes short or long time from the start to the dollar also depends on the value that fluctuated at it after the launch.
  14. In fact, the world of crypto is better than Fiat in terms of flexible and advanced dynamics in some respects, and this is an advantage that attracts a wide audience from many countries who tend to invest and work in crypto, but this also has disadvantages, including the lack of good and serious job opportunities in a lot of cases.
  15. The effects are many on cryptocurrencies value , the main factor is the volume of demand and supply for it in addition to the news related to the crypto and uses of it , whether beneficial or not.
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