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  1. After bombshell announcements from late last year to early this year regarding major companies' adoption of cryptocurrencies, Amazon is poised to be the next behemoth for taking on cryptocurrencies as part of its system. Or so it seems. Just a couple of days ago or so, a report suggested that there are plans for Amazon accepting Bitcoin before this year ends. But just a few hours ago, Amazon released a new statement denying that rumor. The article where the positive news came out is in this link: The article where the company denies that report is here: So, what's the real deal? Is the company going to do it or not? Meanwhile, the news made a significant effect on the crypto market. Bitcoin has finally broken out of the $30,000-ish rut and is now touching the $40,000 mark again after falling out from the $60,000 ATH. Amazon's (rumored) move is being touted as the reason for the rise, but as of this writing, the company's denial has yet to make its impact.
  2. Please check out first the date this topic was created: August 7, 2020. Don't worry, I've learned much since then. This topic is not just for me: the topic is also for the benefit of newbie crypto users who still have no idea of what DeFi really is. Maybe at a future time, I'm going to update this topic with more detailed articles (links) explaining DeFi itself and its various workings.
  3. KYC - I'm among those who wouldn't want to provide additional personal data πŸ˜„ . Phone verification should be enough, like the registration procedures on some other websites (Google Mail has it). Please make it one phone/mobile number per account - multiple accounts of the same person on the forum are prohibited after all. 300+ - I understand, thanks for the clarification. Come to think of it, even if the requirement is to be raised to 300+ characters, spammers will still find a way to reach that quota and the forum will look even more messier than before. Mobile app - Wasn't there a time when @cryptoya11 submitted a mobile app for this forum? What do you guys think of that? Hmmm, adding to what is already available, what I'm thinking right now is this: Reputation Cheating - for low quality posts that somehow get high and/or lots of positive ratings without deserving it Malicious Info/Links - for scam information. Links to phishing and/or malware-filled websites are also included Other Offenses - for anything else out of the ordinary, like that one time I reported a lewd avatar of someone I might update this post if I can think of anything else in the meantime, or if somebody else can think of another suggestion. About the "Inappropriate Language" option - I got lectured by Bigpat one time due to reporting a Russian post, but it turned out to be a big misunderstanding. (I can invite you to that PM of ours if you want to see the details.) Anyway, I think it goes like this: I report a Russian topic that was written in the English section and labeled it with a 'inappropriate language' message; a mod took swift action and moved it to the Russian section while tagging it with a moderation point; then another mod (Bigpat in this case) saw the tag, saw my message, thought "Why is this tagged 'inappropriate language' when it's already in the proper section?", and oh boy, good thing he PMed me first before I get skinned for mislabeling reports, which I never did (so far). Any safety measure for a scenario like this not to happen again with that report option, especially with the currently available English/Russian language? Also, any safety measures against false reports? Especially now with the increased number of options? Hmmm... this is in stark contrast to a previous suggestion somewhere of raising the required number of posts to 1000 (which can be automated by the forum's system). In the case of your suggestion, things are going to be done manually. One good thing about your suggestion is that accounts that are made just for the occasional airdrops from Yobit has no chance of being used for shitposting for profit elsewhere because mods will be personally looking at their profiles. Not bad of a suggestion actually, but this will fall down to whether or not the mods can or are willing to do such a thing.
  4. Desais does have a point here. Payments for posts should be restricted and may be even increased to 300+, but we shouldn't get penalized either for posting less than the required characters as long as we add to the discussion and haven't broken any rules otherwise. Forumers should have the freedom to choose without the fear of being blocked/banned outright. Follow the strict guidelines for payment options, fine. Don't follow, but still being able to post decent comments? Fine, but you won't get paid for posts either 😁 . @Desais Still no "Others" option. πŸ˜… Why was it removed anyway? A bit of an oversight, perhaps? Whoops, my mistake. There really wasn't such an option in the first place, sorry πŸ˜” . But it would be nice if "Others" will be added to the list.
  5. Social media can also play a part in the market's price manipulation. One prominent case is Elon Musk. Wait 'till he makes another bombshell tweet this week or the next and see how the market (and possibly the Wyckoff model) gets screwed up again 😁 . (Whether it would be a good or bad thing, nobody really knows.) There may even be a possible ulterior motive now that Tesla can be considered a Bitcoin whale. That would ultimately depend on how many entities are responsible for the manipulation, and how they interact with each other. Less than a dozen big manipulators with the same agenda for that particular season might be able to pull it off, and that is a few years ago. How about today? Big companies are now looking into the possibility of engaging into crypto and they are fully aware of the risks involved. Price manipulators may not have as much freedom as before, because I think they know the market movement are constantly being watched by some bigshots in the corporate financial world. For example, I'm a whale and I'd like to try to dump a huge amount of coins, then buy them back if prices fall. Some company investor was able to read my mind and bought the coins just before they hit rock bottom. Now I won't be able to buy back cheap coins as much as before because somebody else has beaten me to it. To sum up, if there are too many participants doing mind games to each other trying to benefit from an extreme price manipulation, they should be able to cancel each other out because everyone is afraid to make the first move. But on the unlikely scenario where every one of them are united in their motives, significant manipulation can be possible. The first can prove to be very hard with prominent coins like BTC and ETH, while the second can be done with lesser-known coins.
  6. 1% TALK token interest rate + easy-to-achieve 100 posts to start forum spamming. Yes, the perfect recipe for TALK tokens to plunge down to what it is today. Sad. If drastic measures such as temporarily stopping BTC/token payments in this section and/or increasing the required token investments to the current 123456 investbox would have been done much sooner, the price drop wouldn't have been this grave of a situation. *sigh* It really has to become [1 sat = 1 TALK] before things start moving, huh? Pretty much late at this point, and the chances of the token reaching its first-day trading price level within a couple of years is close to zero. Unless the real solid features of the token like maximum supply value and token-burning are to be publicly shown. Until the token finally reach its desired value, BTC payments for posting probably won't stop (currently for the Russian section, and for the English section should payments here are to be restored). IMO, BTC payments only exist because token price has gone crap at some point.
  7. Oh, that one. Sorry, I was (and still) am too ignorant of the whole Chia thing so I didn't paid any particular attention to that whole section. I still wouldn't like to post there, but at least I should be able to read some info especially Desais' links if I have the time. There is a reason why I tried to resolve the other comments first, then put that "Can we get back to the discussion now?" question at the bottom of that post. If I left that question on top of that post first, then that would be truly weird. No further comment on that one. Now at least we all know that the admins/moderators haven't fully abandoned this section yet. We should expect more forum changes in the upcoming months before the 1st anniversary of the TALK token's open trading. Or at least I think so. Because this forum must have something to show to token investors how it's improved and how it's going to reflect on the token price. TALK tokens and this forum are intertwined, after all.
  8. Oh, ok I missed that. Thanks for the correction. About blockchain gaming, wasn't there a time where there was a Gaming subsection in the Off Topic section? That section got very few activity, so maybe that is the reason why it was eventually removed. If the Blockchain Gaming section is ever going to be implemented, let's just hope it won't share the same fate as the previous subsection. FINALLY!!! @hexwin and @Consignee should see this! 😍 But how about reputation cheating? Or other offenses not on the list? The "Others" option is missing now.
  9. You may also add that certain members should also be given the right to moderate their own topics, as elaborated on by @hexwin on this one. There are many other good suggestions over the almost couple of years this forum is alive, so now should be a good time to review those suggestions. If it's about additional language sections, I think they need to hire a new mod first, specifically for that section alone. Imagine translated copy/paste contents (other than English or Russian) being passed off as originals. Our current mods might find it difficult to track those πŸ˜‚ .
  10. Exactly. People posting on Reddit (and any other non-crypto forums for that matter) usually don't get paid for posts but they do it anyway, because they want to and they love to. So why not we do it here as well? Is is about this one? Well, not everyone can write topics as well as others can 😁 . And that competition is controversial because one big winner was found to be cheating afterwards. I see the mod finally commenting in the link below after all this time. What took him so long? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Looks like members need a few more months of waiting or so if we were to take that announcement at face value. What happens to this section in the meantime is going to be the tricky part. Posting/updating crypto-related topics and discussions to make this section more active is now left in the hands of the rest of us who are still posting here. As for the issue with spammers, I personally am enjoying the general peace and quiet at the moment. Not unlike a few months ago where us spam reporters are gagging with the sheer number of shitposts being churned out every hour of everyday 🀣 . Here's to hoping the new policy in the making will finally address the spam issue πŸ₯‚ .
  11. Offender: Alexa1 Profile Link: Comment: One wrong slip-up by copying fragments from the wrong guy is all it needs for this offender to get served. Evidence: Offending post: Original post:
  12. Then what are you doing here, talking to me with your posts? πŸ˜’ You're trying to do a discussion with me, right? I'm taking a neutral approach to this discussion, while you think I'm being too optimistic. If that is what you think, then suit yourself. But try not to make it too personal, like I'm THE only person left on the forum. And you do realize that activities on this forum is not just limited to posting discussions, right? There are also crypto-related announcements by mods we can read (with Google Translate if necessary), although they are currently more active in the Russian section. As for the rest of your comments directed to me on that post (and any more succeeding ones on your next), I'm not going to answer them anymore because we'll only go off-topic and personal at this point. I'm not going to repeat myself, like what you're trying to say. Yes, that one. Would you mind updating it along with your elaborate analysis and future prospects for the token? At least the forum admins should be able to get some useful feedback from you. Can we get back to the discussion now? So, you think there's no hope after all? Is the following quote nothing but a farce for you? Why do you think so?
  13. Please take note of the word "probably" in my post above. Frankly, I'm not expecting too much about the reconsideration either. If they bring back the payment campaign, great. If not, then tough luck. I'll still do some activity in the forum either way. Even back when there was payments in this section, I'm not that active either. Me, an active member who just posts 2-3 messages a day on average? No. At least I still visit and post on this forum even when there is no payment. You should know - you've visited my profile a few hours ago. How about you? Any updates on the TALK token analysis on your own topic? Again, try to read my post carefully. Notice the word "possibility" over there? Whether or not there will be signature campaigns or airdrops here under the current situation is up to the forum admins and/or campaign managers, really. And I'm not that ignorant enough not to notice what is going on here either. Any other comments you have, other than another antagonizing remarks? At least this quote, I agree with the disappointment. But not to the point of shutting down the whole English section. The forum as a whole will suffer even more reduced internet traffic if the English section is to be taken out. Not everyone can read the Russian section, so obviously non-Russian speakers are not going to visit the forum, and whoever is running this whole forum probably won't like that reduced viewership.
  14. That would probably depend on how active the English section is after getting removed from the payment system, and how the general content of the section has improved over time. As of right now, I think the activity and quality of the section isn't enough for consideration of returning the section back into the payment system. It is not my intention to bash others, but now I can see which members are in this forum for genuine crypto information/discussion and which ones are only active for the money (sats and tokens). ROTFL 🀣🀣🀣 Anyway, there is still the possibility of running a signature campaign on this section, but with the obviously current lesser member participation, it may be difficult to convince the campaign managers to do so.
  15. Crypto analysts have in the past months been stressing that the cryptocurrency market needs a healthy correction when BTC blazed past the $60,000 mark. Now, they got what they wished for, although probably not the season-long(?) fear market we're experiencing right now 😁 . I'm guessing that September will mark the end of the fear market season. That is the time when El Salvador will officially recognize Bitcoin as legal tender, with supporting rules and regulations and all. That would also be enough time from today for displaced crypto miners from China to set up their rigs elsewhere.
  16. In another topic, I posted an update with a shared link where other South American countries are now trying to emulate El Salvador even though it hasn't been fully implemented yet. Listed are Guatemala, Panama and Paraguay (with even a couple or so African nations). When it comes to national policy on crypto, El Salvador can be said to be creating FOMO on a continental scale πŸ˜‚ . Even when I was still learning about crypto, I was shaking my head at why crypto (BTC) mining is too centralized on China. But with the latest crackdown, maybe this time crypto mining can become more decentralized. Crypto experts (at least what I've read so far) also agree that this will benefit the crypto industry in the long run, but for now we should brace ourselves first for what this situation is currently causing the crypto market. All the more reason why Musk's alleged crypto market manipulation via Twitter is something to watch out for. Traders can take advantage of the FOMO/FUD Musk is causing whenever prices become volatile due to him πŸ˜‚ .
  17. Offender: Gamal34 Profile Link: Case/s: useless content (multiple offense), referral spam Comment: Judging by his join date and his post, he must have been one of those many spammers back in October who managed to escape the banhammer. But he's just dug his own grave by making a referral spam topic in the wrong section and getting unwanted attention. Evidence:
  18. Remember when I mentioned the 'domino effect' on the post above? After writing that, this article came up a few days later. source: There are quite a lot of positive and negative points in that article that are worth pondering on. Even if El Salvador didn't adopt Bitcoin now, another country will do it sooner or later. For Bitcoin to move to the next level of global adoption, it is inevitable that one nation should take that necessary step. Whether President Bukele did it for the sake of his people or for his personal gain (of being remembered in history as a crypto pioneer) is none of concern for the rest of us. But how a nationwide implementation is going to be done smoothly is going to be a problem, because there is no such precedent AFAIK. Your concern thus isn't entirely without merit, because if El Salvador fails, global cryptocurrency adoption will be delayed for a long time as a result. EDIT UPDATE: September 7, 2021 has been marked as El Salvador's date of official recognition of Bitcoin.
  19. In the case of Musk, unlike the past, his tweets are not to be taken lightly more than ever now that his company Tesla hodls a substantial amount of Bitcoin. Every words he say regarding crypto are to be watched out for and crypto traders should be wary of his next move. Like him saying that Tesla will pull out of using BTC for car purchases to create a fear market. Yeah sure, Tesla announced that it will no longer transact with BTC for the time being until the environmental issue is resolved, but who's stopping Musk from having him quietly buy BTC and alts with his own personal funds when crypto is cheaper? Sheep tend to flock to more influential individuals for a variety of other reasons. And he IS one of the richest men in the world after all, so the influence is definitely high up there. El Salvadorans' nationwide adoption of Bitcoin is going to take some time now that the IMF gave the country a cold shoulder over assistance with the cryptocurrency's implementation. Until then, we have to wait for further good crypto-related news from that country and other sources to get rid of the fear market. In the meantime, crypto-haters are giving us a bad time here and there. I think the worst of all bad news is China's crackdown on crypto miners. China not being dead serious enough? **** just got real.
  20. He will no longer have to face those charges, because he is no longer of this mortal plane. Apparently he already hanged himself. R.I.P. John McAfee. Because this case can now be considered closed, I request that moderators @ayatoslaw @epidemia should lock this topic. For messages of condolences, members should post here instead.
  21. Just about every crypto miners located in China today are contemplating on moving their operations out of the country, because unlike the 'flash in the pan' operations before, Chinese authorities are dead serious on their crackdown this time. It is no longer one or two miners' problem with China. The whole crypto mining industry in China is now in jeopardy. And let's not forget that a majority of crypto (majorly Bitcoin) miners are located there. UPDATE: China has further stepped up in their crackdown of Bitcoin and other crypto miners, and with other bad news combined, this is the end result. But why the 'persecution'? It can be said that it all boils down to one word - CONTROL. As I quote:
  22. Offender: Saeedb754, Saeedb54 Profile Links: Case/s: useless content (multiple offense), referral spam (multiple offense), multiple accounts (needs further investigation) Comment: Not much new copy/paste spammers to report on the English section because they're not going to be paid LOL 😁 . I wonder how's the Russian section faring so far. Anyway, this guy keeps on copy/pasting his own comment multiple times on different sections promoting the same link. I'm not going to click on that link for safety reasons. I also have reason to believe that the accounts above belong to the same person because both of them posted the same referral link (aside from the obvious usernames). Evidence:
  23. Today isn't like a few years ago where whenever there is a fear market the only ones who buy crypto in bulk are a few rich individuals. More and more companies and private institutions are now eager to buy during dips, so the risk of the crypto market collapse is significantly lower than before. Probably the only time someone should let go of all his/her crypto holdings at this time is when the country where he/she lives has declared crypto illegal. And to think in longer terms, investors may want to increase their crypto holdings especially with Bitcoin. It has been a year since the last Bitcoin halving, there are approximately three years left for the next one. The next bullrun after that halving is probably going to be huge if adoption of crypto by mainstream companies like Paypal and Tesla goes on at this rate.
  24. I do follow the news, not just with Elon Musk. That guy is just one among the many factors that can change the crypto market. There are other more pressing news, some of the most recent being China's increasing restrictions on cryptocurrencies and El Salvador's recent upgrading of Bitcoin into their legal tender. Title: Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile, as everybody in this forum might know already. And the news can seriously affect the crypto market to a significant degree. I try to keep myself updated then guess how it will affect the crypto market and by how much, and after that I compare my opinion with others. When the market crash due to negative news, crypto usually becomes cheaper. I try to buy cheaper coins if able. It can also be fun to watch the market's reactions to various news from time to time. Especially when crypto starts to crash and correct itself like this month.
  25. Actually, something is happening. And it comes from an outside source. LOL! IMF seems to insinuate that El Salvador should drop the whole Bitcoin idea and just stick forever to the USD instead! El Salvador is getting to be a good test case for other developing countries to emulate, but some other entities don't like the potential change in status quo. Specifically, the "domino effect".
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