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  1. actually it is really very tough for me to always seat on computer. when i am in bed, i need to check prices,volumes etc. so it will be very helpful for me and many others if yobit develop a mobile app. you can check your wallet page. it costs about 2 minutes to fully load the page. and if you take part in ieo with mobile, your order will remain incomplete😝
  2. Maricem

    Top 5 Exchange

    where is the yobit my dear friend? yobit is also a good cryptocurrency exchanger and there is also a noticable volume in yobit.also yobit always rewaded users with multy features
  3. i am using 3 wallets from your great list. mostly use coinbase wallet to store my valuable coins and use trustwallet and atomic for erc20 tokens
  4. trustwallet is a good choice for storing erc20 tokens. it can be used instead coinbase. and for btc ltc eth, coinbase is a great choice because it is a great company and great service.
  5. Maricem

    Trust wallet

    for mobile users, it is a great wallet to recieve erc20 tokens and store your coins. many people use it instead of MEW because it so so simple than MEW.
  6. i would devide my 20k in some pieces and then invest them in various coins. i would choose bnb,nrg,eos,eth and btc. but i have less than 4k in trading balance😭
  7. it won't die soon sir. actually doge coin is performing like a stable coin nowadays. it is also very popular in most of the exchanges. it won't die soon sir. actually doge coin is performing like a stable coin nowadays. it is also very popular in most of the exchanges.
  8. Maricem

    Secure you Account

    yes you are right, only our awarness can save us from that bad scammers who are always trying to do harm the people.
  9. oh i understand. thanks for your reply. so i have to know more about crypto world to understand what is fake and what is true.
  10. bitcoin can reach in 10k in this year i think. also there is a great chance to cross 15k again in the february-march of 2020
  11. i am lucky then. because i came in cryptocurrency trading platform in mid 2018 and i am still in profit..by the way i used crypto signal providers.
  12. really very good method to mine coins. you are really very genious dude!. i will try this in my house because i have space to do this
  13. one can find a best crypto signal provider. there is really some cool telegram channel and twitter channels which provide great signals. it can be useful for newbies
  14. can anybody say me how to know that the website or exchange showing real or fake volume? i want to judge some platform using this strategy
  15. Maricem


    when i tried to go to the website, it is not entering there. also when i am searching on google about this, there is no info
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