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  1. Check there u just need to tell me what is your wallet and not move the funds on the hold duration
  2. I dont think I ever play on Cryptogames.. I maybe try it. To be honest I dont think they are a scam.. I have win, I have lost, like on other gambling sites.. Do you have any other site u playy? Please check out and share also where u like to play πŸ™‚
  3. Yes I get you, dice will eat you over time, as sport betting u can increase your winning chances with time and experience
  4. New Affiliate function release: 1. Affiliate wager contest is ready to start. 2. Add more detail statistic analysis.
  5. Yes we are active and we will change the website soon, We are a little bit overload with freelance online work, but all good, its what make this project alive, I can see you guys did not join our discord, that's why u say this ... πŸ™‚ yes we are giving free coins on discord, no we are not connected with friction,, what are you talking about?
  6. Where I love to play the most its 1: https://luckygames.io They are great from the start, also u can play with more then 100 different cryptocurrency's 2: https://stake.com/ On Stake they have really cool games! 3: https://luckyfish.io/ What I like the most on Luckyfish its the nice faucet they got and weekly airdrops And how about you guys? Where do you gamble? Did u every play/try any of them?
  7. It will take some months for sure. Please Read the WP.. but u will get 10% off on our services( Crypto, social media or SEO
  8. If anyone wants 10% of on our services, they need to pay with 1MT ( that will create Liquidity) 1 What its not working in linkedin? I do not get it.. 0xf84fe359db331bcea8a3ffd3c99dfdc192c5c7b8 200,500 20.0500% ( This wallet its to be sold at 0.1$ to 0.2$, if U read the Wp u will understand ) 2 0xb860c949a5fbe39731893bbfe86d6df57c2851c7 151,172.0299104 15.1172% (This walllet its for the giveaway) 3 0xabadfc79dba92073eab548e31f98a2ab0a62d412 140,999 14.0999% ( This wallet is the funds for the team, some of it for Giveaway as well) 4 0xcc6185a1234ba00c8403a2df638978d7bbdd428d 131,329.0902279 13.1329% (Birake exchange) 5 0xb156af35d96ee18c8ee98cf9da3fe08a5844257f 100,000 10.0000% ( Will not be moved untill 2021) 6 0x8d12a197cb00d4747a1fe03395095ce2a5cc6819 (EtherDelta 2) 50,000 5.0000% 7 0x972e234ea4d9781aefcdb63e9a99d39a3fcffc24 29,844.7900057 2.9845% (Exchange) 8 0xac92c44455f66cd31c8dae9dd5dd111fc80aa8a6 25,000 2.5000% ( holder ) 9 0xd17ae8809c6ac8ad05b4d4c1e2fce7853f3354d4 24,000 2.4000% ( holder ) 10 0x457b43a75f5881156b104bdada6222efe9069287 23,666 2.3666% ( holder ) Thank you for your comment
  9. Its a risk we are willing to pay, we believe in our community and we are keep reinvesting on the project on our profit from the services we do, so that help the price not to drop to much! we are listed on some exchanges please check the main page, also join the discord for more information, u can ask my by DM. yes..
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