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  1. You guys need to stop using Youtube, Lets start using the https://cos.tv/ About the project: https://www.contentos.io/ Why? They give free crypto, its on the blockchain, working hard team! They are ranked the 11473 on Alexa rank! Fair system on approving the videos not centralized like youtube! They pay u to watch video, to like and subscribe just amazing.... Come and check for your self, I have post already a video: https://cos.tv/videos/play/1582060951593350498 We are giving 1 1MT if you subscribe to our channel and make a comment, go get paid join here: https://discord.gg/RTTcmxz
  2. 6 ticket sold, 4 days left! Winner draw: 05/FEV/2020 https://twitter.com/1MillionTokens/status/1222377688008183808 Good luck to @m.k @Rogeroo @danrachita[Zenad] @[email protected] @TKA Ninja
  3. You can win this airphones! SELECT your favorite color FREE Shipping High Quality Send 30 1MT to: 0xf0aD5a4A1613ab0B8c82A8040ed139Ec1A148009 Check out here for more info: https://twitter.com/1MillionTokens/status/1222377688008183808 Thank you and Good luck, 1MT team.
  4. Just learned of a new scam going around Discord servers. Some of you may know that Discord recently gave us the ability to login into our account on a computer by scanning a QR Code with the Discord app on our phone. Scammers are getting login credentials to people's accounts and then getting the user to scan the QR Code to act as the 2 Factor Authentication for their account. They post the QR Code in servers claiming that it gives you Free Nitro or something else if you scan it, but they are only looking for the correct user to scan it and give access to their account. DO NOT SCAN THESE QR CODES. They are fake and if you scan it, it could give someone FULL access to your account. Scanning a QR Code with your Discord app currently only ever allows you to sign in and is never used to redeem free things. DO NOT scan any QR Code posted by another user with your Discord app. You should only ever scan the one on your login screen when you yourself are wanting to login to you account. If you see this in other servers please contact their moderators to make them aware of this scam. We will be looking out for them here and deleting any QR Code posted telling people to scan with their Discord app for free rewards. If you see one of them posted here, please post in the channel that it was posted in letting people know it is a scam in case we do not currently have a mod available to delete it.
  5. why u say that? too low? Its normal we are not yet a big name, we will increase the price of our service with time why is that? thank you
  6. IMO, they will drop untill have no bulls and buyers, thats when they pump the price
  7. When its free tokens, why not try it, you may like the community, join here: https://discord.gg/RTTcmxz
  8. Check there u just need to tell me what is your wallet and not move the funds on the hold duration
  9. can u recall me what is this question about? I dont find the rest of our conversation ..
  10. Yes we are active and we will change the website soon, We are a little bit overload with freelance online work, but all good, its what make this project alive, I can see you guys did not join our discord, that's why u say this ... πŸ™‚ yes we are giving free coins on discord, no we are not connected with friction,, what are you talking about?
  11. It will take some months for sure. Please Read the WP.. but u will get 10% off on our services( Crypto, social media or SEO
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