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  1. 10 $ is the right money to start trading, because with that kind of money you will not feel lost a lot of money, and now it's the futures trade season, it's possible to try even though it's very difficult.
  2. some published there are indeed bugs, I sometimes only get 4 posts out of 10 posts, in the admin rules saying that "delete no delete posts that will not be counted" then members must make new posts to overwrite it
  3. yes, in my opinion it can be from anywhere, just so you don't get too panicked if FUD happens, because newbies are usually often consumed by fake news. so they sell coins in a panic without thinking. it is one of the small problems that often occurs
  4. many people already know about yobit exchange, it's just that yobit is not providing enough coins that are usually traded on other markets, so sometimes traders are lazy to trade on yobit. because there are no coins available. and diyobit most coins which are stable and not stable at all
  5. pretty interesting, the average coinbase user comes from the US, UK, so I think it's reasonable for coinbase to dare to make their own debit cards, but now there are also lots of coins that issue their own debits without the help of Visa.
  6. yes it is for those who have more money and want to be patient waiting, for those who have small capital, it is better to rotate capital continuously, because if it is not so small the profit obtained if HODL is only a few coins, it's better to process capital properly
  7. true, without experience and without knowledge, will not get a profit. in any field, if you don't have both it's very difficult to get profit. and don't forget to work hard, it's very influential in getting profits.
  8. I think it's still too risky, even though gamling allows you to make 5x of your money, but that you have to sacrifice a few bets to know the order of the bot system, usually pro gambler pay attention to each gambling and analyze yourself for HIGH or LOW. and not the least loss to analyze it
  9. in 2019, only one exchange has been hacked. cryptopia, besides that I haven't heard yet. and until now the cryptopia problem is still running, they are still thinking of returning the users' money. because I myself also trade there, and fortunately my money there is only a few dollars
  10. bittrex gives free $ 25 for trading fees in my opinion it can help traders to get the full profit without getting deducted from the fee, and Singapore Upbit also provides a Pay back event, so if you trade there the fee maker in your trading will be returned 100%
  11. for now binance, is holding an event for new users, trading events. maybe you can join the event, because there is no minimum trade and prizes up to 100BNB, 2000 $ for the 1st, and 3000 slots for random users, each person gets 1BNB
  12. in my opinion it is a strategy for their exchanges to be crowded, because exchanges without traders are graves. so many exchanges provide full service and the best service they have. the better the trader review will exchange, can bring other traders to trade there.
  13. ICO burency, maybe good, they partnered with John McAfee, one of the leading influencers in crypt. But you still need to review first, because most influencers are only paid to promote the product of a project. So it could be fake reviews.
  14. maybe some of your posts were deleted by the admin, the most recent or the previous one. because the cryptotalk system always recounts every 4-6hrs, so if your post is deleted, you have to make more posts, so that you can cover / complete your deleted posts
  15. IEO provides more favorable prospects, and usually the exchange itself already knows which projects will be developed by a project, so it's like a free review, while ICO is still gray, do not know where it will develop or are stuck in certain situations. plus IEO must have quite a lot of HODLing coins to participate, so only those with small capital cannot participate
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