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  1. Why those popular freelancing platform doesn't accecpt bitcoin? What if they accecpt bitcoin as a payment method?
  2. Then they will use lynx to send eos to us. Is there have any other free eos wallet like lynx which I can use to send eos only by address?
  3. There have no good coin if you want to find a good coin then you have to invest thousand of scam project so stay away investing in any ico project or any token.
  4. This site looks like useless. Those aren't worth at all I won't suggest you to spend time on those site , you will get nothing.
  5. Without trading there have no legit way to invest. If you find any way then I will suggest you to stay away because those are scam project which will return your asset with profit.
  6. ICO has been replaced by IEO but in IEO we aren't seeing any effective change in IEO also. IEO also going down as like as ICO because of those scammers who launch fake project.
  7. I'm not seeing any future of altcoin. I'm holding some useless coin which price won't rise again. I'm not suggesting to anyone anymore to invest in altcoin.
  8. I haven't heard ever about that I have always heard that metamask is the mostly secure wallet. I can assure you that metamask is the safest wallet you can use it.
  9. I don't like holding altcoin because I don't bellieve in altcoin price. I have seen many altcoin which price has gone down & never get back his previous price. Just do short term trade with altcoin I don't suggest anyone to hold altcoin for long time.
  10. That's a great news for electrum user. Using Lightning payments will best moment for me because I have never tried Lightning payments before.
  11. You have to download it from thier official website : https://electrum.org/#download Your ios version must be 10.11 and higher otherwise you won't able to use electrum in your device.
  12. Is there have any way that we can transfer eos without memo address? I have join a campaign in bountyhive they are just taking eos address they aren't taking any memo address. How they will able to send eos without memo address?
  13. If apple adopts bitcoin then big revolution will come in crypto section. Every apple user will use bitcoin, we know that normal people can't buy an apple device so every big businessman will start using this feature. In this way, we will see a big change in the market price of bitcoin.
  14. Thanks. In atomic wallet there have only address thats what I want but in sending option i'm seeing that there need a memo address also. how anyone can send me eos by only my address?
  15. I need an EOS address for joining in a bounty campaing. I have tried coinbase but in coinbase have memo address also I just need eos address. Which is the best wallet for eos?
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