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  1. Maybe, much country will do it in future. Cryptocurrency transaction also a money transaction method. So, every country reserve the right to imposing task.
  2. Both are important. In my about, Bitcoin is good for investors and stable coins are good for payment. I like Stable coin also for low market risk.
  3. I really love coingecko report. I don't miss their any update report. They provide much information about cryptocurrency and share with user. I get much important news and update from coingecko without research. That's really cooolll !!
  4. 21000 Billion USD tolal market cap !! If bitcoin reach $1000000, The Total market cap is $21000 Billion. Honestly, I can't believe that. But, Nothing impossible in cryptocurrency market. Let's see what happens in 10 years.
  5. In my opinion, Bitcoin is most popular currency in cryptos world. That's called power of project. Bitcoin is most famous for its project team and also for price.
  6. Thanks for this information. I am just known about, use of Bitcoin to pay for college . May be they will also add more famous cryptocurrency. Now people using cryptocurrency like native currency . That's really good .
  7. It’s too Cheap !!!!! I will create your telegram airdrop bot only for 5 USD.Let's Check Demo Bot: Why this bot? This bot is super fast. This bot will collect all submission from participants and instantly sent to you. Life time information and airdrop task developing is free . You can sent any Update news/Note to participants by this bot. You can add unlimited number of task. And more +++What else do you want at this price. !!! Order Now
  8. Now a days, Cryptocurrency is also popular like native currency. Everyone want a safe wallet to hold there money like native bank. What do you think , Can CryptoTalk will release cryptocurrency wallet?
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