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  1. I like this way, cause of I can spend more time at home. I know, crypto is not stable and income from it as well, Crypto is a nice source of income to me. It is tough to live only on one salary and in modern world we should to search for something else to we and our children could have all basic things to live normal life.
  2. also being a lawyer or even marketing on some blockchain-based company and The other way was working as Blockchain developer on some sector like Oil, Market, Food, etc I'm not really sure how to answer this but yes you can example like working on exchange or writting some blog or making video about crypto,
  3. you hold a coins that go down without any future project, but just need to buy in the right moment ant it's not for all coins of courseyes it's very bad idea. Holding for a long term is never bad specially for bitcoin or ethereum.
  4. Iin my opinion the kyc verification system is a bit annoying but I agree with the reasons for securing assets and crime, such as money laundering and the rules of a country. Crypto anonymity is very much maintained, but the central exchange has changed all this, where we have to give up our identities for some reason.
  5. USA prompt to hold the transactions on the decentralized system while China has been more on improving it and or destroy it maybe in the future. These two tech companies are competing to achieve maximum aim to control blockchain and cryptos.
  6. Bitcoin should always remain a third-party payment system, like now. the culture of money that humanity has hosted for years will be destroyed. The replacement of local currencies does not mean anything good for humanity, because with the realization of such a thing,Our accumulation ways will change
  7. Crypto currencies could changed my life too right? So i decided to do it too and she is my motivation. now she are teaching and guiding me here in crypto to become rich too like her. She is my girlfriend by the way. She became rich using it, she could buy whatever she want because of crypto. And I want to be like her. Yeah, i agree. Crypto could change our lives and i have some friend that changed her life because of crypto. That's for me. Thanks.
  8. thus I made a lot of money by joining the ICO Airdrop, especially I want to say that with Hydro coins, I got a lot of profit from this coin on Airdrop, and by trading with that capital. Your post will be a lot of help for the newcomers, I myself also entered my crypto.
  9. this might make trading with the use of USD is easier and safer. It's a good move if united states made this kind of choice or decision because this will make their money way more secured. this can assure people that their money is safer.
  10. Doge because we all are waiting for doge to price 10k usd withing 5 years I hope. you should by and hold Bitcoin XRP and Doge, but also you could, BTC and XRP is because we all are waiting for the big bull run, and these two on my opinion they will rock.
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