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  1. Thank you for this post my friend and I am happy that there is a lot of different kind of games which we can earn some bitcoin and I love games so, knowing this kind of way to earn some bitcoin was very useful for me because while you are playing and enjoying the game you are also earning.
  2. I think my friend your post is non sense or it has not a point on what topic are your posting because I didn't experience even though I am fast typer like you and for us to avoid that think first on what are we going to post if it is related to the topic and if it is have a good quality because I think there is a 3 minutes before our post will be publish. I hope this would help you in your problem.
  3. To answer you question my friend that one we can earn more here is by creating topic because it gives us a 50 token per topic that we created and by making post on others topic is 10 token and there is no earning on increasing our reputation instead of that, we can give our 50 reputation to others which we think that is deserve so that we can earn 1 token per reputation we gave and when we are done giving our 50 reputation our earning will be double.
  4. This is a good post my friend and you have a good intention on this forum by the way you help the other members here to report that spammer here in this forum which is the cause of or topic to be deleted even they are the one who are copying it. I hope every members here have the same idea of you so that we can make this forum to is very best.
  5. That a good idea my friend when we finished our posting or creating topic here we can share our reputation to the other members here that have a good quality topic that we think is deserve to have a good reputation because now a days member our only focus on creating topic or making post because it has a more token than giving reputation.
  6. This was a great post my friend and I have a unstable internet connection so a have a disadvantage because if I were post something or creating topic it will be vanished if I do not publish it but reading this topic of yours was a very big help for me to save my unfinished works. Thanks for this my friend.
  7. You are correct mate and this advice of yours was a big help for us beginners here and for the seniors here. I also advice that we should think before we act because if we are too much greed on making our earnings or profit high we can get scam but when we have a proper knowledge we can avoid it. So, keep learning until we have enough knowledge to avoid those scammers.
  8. This is a great post my friend and in some point you can protect your privacy here like you wallet for the scammers not to get it. I don't know that there is a kind of feature here in crypto which you can on or off you status but now I see you post I would make that feature useful to me. Thank for this my friend.
  9. This is a good post and also a warning for us newbies here my friend and you content was very informative so that we can easily understand what you are pointing on your content. I would make this as a guideline whenever I will looking for some other sites that I should invest my money and I will avoid this kind of website.
  10. Thank you for this wonderful advice my friend on how are we going to do to make some bitcoins and for me as a beginner this forum is only I know that we can earn some money but when you make this post it is very helpful for me and also for the newbies who are looking for some other options on how are we going to make some bitcoins.
  11. Most of the scammers did that kind of strategy which is they create some crypto website and put some good offers to the attract the people who would see that and when you enter in that you will notice there is no change in your wallet but after a few days you will notice that your earnings or your wallet had been stolen and for us to avoid that we must follow what are stated in this topic for us to verify it.
  12. that is not a bugged or there is no any issue on that my friend maybe you just don't understand it very well because meaning of that black beside of the topic is you commented on that and this unread topic button is not straight to the point that you are not commented on that maybe there is another post that had been published and as an advice my friend make your topic clear or straight to the point so that we can help you precisely on your problem. I hope this would help you.
  13. For us to make a different and unique topic here is to use the SEARCH feature and it is located on the upper right of this forum then we put our title their or our idea on that feature and if there is no same topic or idea we can create it their and observe the others work if they miss of something important topic that you can create so that you can avoid duplicating it or make it is a spam. I hope this would help you my friend.
  14. It is natural for them to get scared of it because they have no idea on whats going on the cryptocurrency but if you will explain it in a informative and simplest way that they can understand I think they could try it and if that is not enough show them some proof that you can earn in cryptocurrency like showing them your wallet or some bills of it.
  15. I am searching for that too about what is the lowest or cheapest withdrawal fee when we withdraw our coins and I think it is XRP and for my advice to you my friend if you withdraw your coins into bitcoin I think the withdrawal fee is high so you must convert it to other coin for you to save some withdrawal fee.
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