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  1. For Storing crypto Currency, Have many Crypto Currency online and Offline wallet. We know that, For online Crypto Currency wallet's Coinbase and Blockchain is the Best. For Best security Blockchain is Best, their Security system is too Good more than Coinbase.
  2. You can Deposit 10+ Usd and can Start Trading on any Currency Exchange. You can earn huge money from Crypto Currency Trading. But not on starting Time, for Huge earning from Trading you need good Experience about Trading.
  3. You are Correct sir, Binance is the Best Crypto Currency Exchange on this Time. Also i use Binance from one Year, and Binance is Best Crypto Market on this time. I see that many people use Binance for Trading and Token Buy-Selling.
  4. Hello Dear friend, Your post is Hundred Percent correct. I am Very agree with you. Many people waste their Valuable time for online earning through some application or website. But it is not a good idea, becouse it is not for Long time. So we need self skills or experience of any work. This will be professional on the Future.
  5. This is Very Good that Dice token Trading has Started on Market, And This is Really Very good News for all Dice Token owner. But on this time we can see that The Dice token Price is Very Low. So as My opinion holding is the Best option on this time. Hold it guys.
  6. I want to tell you That on this time Ninety Five Percent Bounty Project is Scam or Fack. I already waste my time for Fack bounty, becouse then Was not any Experience about Real Bounty programme. So before joined any Bounty programme must Check their Project, Community, Team etc.
  7. I think This is a new Exchanger, Now i browsing this Exchange and see that on this Exchange have many exchanging Option. Website Design and Quality is not Bad.
  8. This is not a Correct way for Account promoting or Follower gaining. Your all Twitter account will permanently suspended or Banned. I already Lost my Real Twitter account for increasing Follower and Like through This way. Becouse Twitters security System is very Strong.
  9. I already suggested cryptotalk Forum on my Some Crypto Lover Friend. I already Said that on this Time best Forum is Cryptotalk. And it is Hundreds Percentage Correct that cryptotalk forum Reputation is Very high levels.
  10. The Pi Mining app Have on my Mobile from 6-7 month. This is auto mining application for Pi token, just Need daily login on the Application. But i don’t know that when this mining token will distributed and when will be Listed, becouse this is Very old Airdrop. Also someone says that this is Scam application.
  11. Hello friend, if You want invest your Assets on Cryptocurrency for longtime or some Month, then i want to suggeste you that, you can invest your assets on this following coin. You can cheack this coin. Bitcoin, Eth, Litecoin, NEO, XRP. ETHC etc crypyo Coin.
  12. Hardware Wallet is Best for Storing Bitcoin and this is My opinion and I always suggest Hardware wallet for Bitcoin storing. For online wallet Coinbase is my best for Bitcoin Storing, Currency Exchange, Fund Transformation. I use hardware wallet for Offline and Coinbase wallet for Online.
  13. It has same with me. I Don't know that why i don’t received any Mail and Any Dice token on my Account. I Don't know what i can do now on this Moments. If any one Can help us then this will very Helpful.
  14. Hello Dear, atfirst thank You for this Little Discussion post about CryptoCurrency hold or Trade regarding Questions answer. This will some Helpful for all Crypto hunter or Traders. I have no more idea about Crypto Currency Holding or selling, So i want to tell you that, this post will Very helpfull for me and Other.
  15. My favorites cryptocurrency Exchange is Binance, It is not of My Best exchang, it is All best Exchange for all CryptoCurrency Traders. I use this Binance Exchange from last 1 Year and it is Only one of My best exchange.
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