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  1. Such useful demonstration, i think by reading this many users would have a basic understanding to what kind of users they should be by being here in this forum, I myself have got some points which I'm going to keep in mind been around this great forum.
  2. I like yobit for rich of earnings opportunities but i also like binance for been extremely trading friendly, starting with low fees and many other features.
  3. It was 2017 when i first met cryptocurrencies, the first thing i got involved in concerning crypto is dice gambling in several platforms, i was addicted but i earned a lot of money back them, because mostly i gambled with faucets, so i had nothing to lose.
  4. That is so true, people have been with very little faith about bitcoin, but bitcoin has always proven strong and profitable after sometime, weird enough people still have not much patient, every time bitcoin rises they feel late. It is never to late when comes to bitcoin investment, especially for long term.
  5. Not everyone can afford those could storage, they are not that cheap and it is not so true that wallets like blockchain.com and coinbase are that unsafe.
  6. Then there fact that crypto are fast in transactions would lose meaning, but that kind of problem does not happen on all coins just some of them. Coins like XLM and XRP are very fast.
  7. My opinion is in all of our trading pairs, stable-coins should be a foundation if the, so i would say we need them for all our trading activities.
  8. Not all of use have earned in crypto some of use have endured massive losses and not all of them want anything to do with crypto after those losses.
  9. Publish0X and steamit are kinda similar to cryptotalk, but if you compare this forum is more use and earning friendly than those two.
  10. there are two kinds in this matter, there are projects that have failed but were not intentionally scams and there are those which are pure scams.
  11. It should depend on analysis not a guess, because is the same number of months it could become negative anything can happen.
  12. if we bought at low, then we do not real lose, the people who will lose are those that bought at high before the price got fixed.
  13. I'm not sure about what you say because USDT have been in yobit for a long time now, but about the price difference between exchanges for the same coin, is normal.
  14. I would say someone who hacked him is someone he/she knows, because still they gonna have to access his/her email to get access of those passwords, we just gotta be careful wherever we store our passwords, because it is not safe offline either.
  15. When i get to earn more coins on any rally for that matter, I find more opportunities to invest so as i keep on the chain of profit.
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