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  1. When comes to cryptocurrencies there is no platform i trust 100% so even to those i have little trust on i never invest heavily. There were many good projects we have seen that turned out to be scams or even hacked and never recovered users money.
  2. I think I'm one of those who outsmarted kingcasino, i was pretty much convinced but yet i said to myself that do not give in. And even now that you are saying they scammed i still can't believe it. Advice to all, be smart.
  3. I think it is already ahead of it and worse enough biticointalk does not do anything about it, like it is surrendering. Cryptotalk is the future of all crypto community.
  4. Thanks for this alert, it is almost impossible to think twitter can be hacked like this, so I'm pretty sure many have fallen victims of this hack. I always say knowing the old ways of scammers does not keep one safe from future scams, scammers gets smarter everyday.
  5. I think by studying the basics of trading and everyday keep studying as well as following the markets slowly would make one a good trader.
  6. I think it is different for every coin, and traders who knows how to read charts they know which coins to look for older charts and which ones to look for few days or week charts.
  7. Thanks for the list but it would have been much better if you provided free available courses as well; anyway i have few on which i do right now:- https://cryptos4noobs.com/free-crypto-trading-course/ https://www.udemy.com/course/cryptomeister-a-complete-cryptocurrency-investment-course/ https://academy.investopedia.com/pages/crypto-trading-free-lesson
  8. I wish i was like you, first i lack patient and knowledge as well, now i start to understand the market but i'm not there yet, so panicking and fear of losing is always haunting me.
  9. I have to disagree on this, for as long as you are committed to read more about trading and you master enough knowledge, you can start trading with little capital and slowly start making your fortune.
  10. Maybe the APIs that exchanges uses are are easily read to hack the ethereum blockchain through those exchanges, because ehtereum is mostly the target and that can not be a coincidence. But how do we know that it has the best technology we are not even programmers we can not prove that, i say we should not say things for sure and consider the possibilities my brother.
  11. I think that it is XLM that seems to have a better future than others, it is a full cryptocurrency as it is decentralized and yet it has the lowest fees and the fastest blockchain, this should be the future coin.
  12. It is bitcoin beginners prefers to invest in, but that should not be it, beginners does not know much of other coins other than bitcoin, but they should know that there are better coins to invest at a particular time, better than bitcoin.
  13. Maybe he means that it will be useless keeping a low priced coin, because when the price for the coin is out, there is no telling if it will go up or down from there, now if the price will be high it is better to secure most of the profit by selling most of them, that is what i will do too, but i will not sell them all.
  14. Did not know about Akon's plan, but we can all see how blockchain apart from cryptocurrency can change the world, that is to say, satoshi nakamoto has and is changing the world.
  15. But brother you will not have to worry if you keep your distant from new unknown coins and fake airdrops that will waste your time and even scam you if you are not careful.
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