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  1. Bitcoin now breaks free because it raised in 10,000 value. But now it falls back in the value of 9,800. But that's normal for me because of volatility. But do you think its possible to increase its value this week?
  2. Yes I think. Because as we know crypto currency make the digital assets more valuable because this is uncontrollable by authorities unlike in centralized form. Also this is more secured.
  3. Why you called unicorn? Because this is magical and can teleport in every places? If that is the case, that's nice metaphor because as we know crypto currency is a digital assets that can be send in every part of the world without middle man or third parties.
  4. In this value right now, I guess the value of its amount is too big. Maybe I can focus on a new life it can give. But first thing, I will use it to help my family in finances and others are connected in expenses in my school. Some remaining coins will be in my wallet to store and preserve the value.
  5. I like to use social media app but I guess I'm more focus on the existence of crypto currency because it can gave money and knowledge about technology.
  6. Because some coins for me have some issues so there's a chance that this coins will stop evolving and many users abandon the coins. I just hope that some coins survive to continue the more essence of crypto currency.
  7. If that is case. It can become a way to improve crypto currency but with the support of Google if possible. I just hope they take this opportunity.
  8. Bitcoin's protocol is inevitable so in short even the other coins have more expensive than Bitcoin, there's a line in the two in which Bitcoin is hard to controlled by the other users. Also investors of Bitcoin make Bitcoin top one in the chart.
  9. I'm surprised that this site exists because this is a big help in clarification if the site is legit or not. I just hope users make a way to search even in a short time to have a small knowledge in the site they entering.
  10. Invest money in this forum of course. This is the first step to collect money. Hardwork and effort is needed to have enough income especially I'm student and this income help me to lessen expenses.
  11. His prediction is too close in that year. But for now he just predict again to the destination of Bitcoin in the terms of it's value? I just hope his prediction help the investors in the future.
  12. May i know what the mess they talking about? I guess this type of mistakes was happen because of improper handling or implementation of crypto currency. Because as we know the used of crypto currency is good to us.
  13. Also using crypto currency as a way of donations. It will make a way to improve the security of the income for the people. I just hope governments make a way to implement this stuffs.
  14. Because some hodlers who holds crypto currency wants a wait to the existence of bull run. I guess the Bitcoin is near to it's bull run so I think hodlers are waiting.
  15. May I know the estimated amount that the site can gave in a normal user? Is this a game that can be downloaded? I am sorry for the questions I'm just new in this concepts.
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