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  1. I do not even commented exchanges are for saving. Normally, it should be clear to people that they are do exchanging which means trading. I totally agree with that. I make use of hardware wallet for my savings which is the best and the safest.
  2. There is a similar article about tho on this forum, but it is worth mention again about this wallet. But it is not normal exchanges but a decentralized exchange. I am not sure if it is decentralized, correct me if wrong. About your question, you do not need to connect to the exchange, Trezor will do that automatically do you.
  3. You are very correct. Atomic wallet is a noncustodial wallet. Not an exchange. Binance is not the best for me. I always prefer yobit. Binance was hacked in 2019. I hope you people remember that.
  4. Luno which support only few cryptocurrencies. And I do not even think Luno is a wallet. It only seem like a wallet. It has exchange feature which makes me doubt it to be a full wallet. Sending to coinbase users require no fee at all. That is normal as it is a custodial. Wallets like freewallet which is custodial also support it.
  5. Normally, trust wallet is not hacked, there is not vulnerability in trust wallet that can support any had for now and I do not think it can be in the future. The wallet would have been compromised through private key or seed phrase revealing to hackers. Or other wise would have been malware.
  6. That is true, but for now, no hardware Salle support lightning network, and I have not found it on any other noncustodial wallet than electrum.
  7. The cost can not be lower at all, you will still need many programmers to even help you clear many bugs. And you can not do it alone. You will hire better programmers. If you depend on your work, likely your exchange will be hacked. Exchanges are not easy build.
  8. Yobit exchange is just perfect and excellent for me to use, I have been us in it for some time now, it I a very good exchange that I very trustworthy. I have bitcoin and altcoins on the exchange and I am not afraid because they have good security.
  9. I do not get your point, how do I safe time and money? I do not just trade on exchange, or because of cheap exchange rate, I will leave my reputed exchange do anyhow exchange? I guess you are not making good point. I exchange my coins easy on the exchange I am using.
  10. You are wrong, their twitter profile does not determine if they are legit or scam. Aside that, new exchanges are commonly hacked. Stay in away from new exchange is very important, sticking to old ones that is reputable and that has never been hacked before.
  11. But, normally, I do not think Crypto is yet legal in Russia, but every citizens of Russia are permitted to trade crypto but if they lost their Crypto, no governmental body will help. But, normally, crypto experts can not just lost crypto because they know all what scammers can to which they have to avoid.
  12. Well said, this should be the normal of bitcoin and other crypto users. Normally, the smart contract used for bitcoin happens in one function way, which means transaction can not be reversed. Although, I do not know about on lightning do now.
  13. What about the funds of those that are hacked? Very possible for the wallet to be too young and unable to refund the funds back. That is why I like old wallets like electrum and coinomi with excellent reputation instead of using new wallets.
  14. People do complain about this wallet, but if someone still insist to use this kind of wallet, it is better to set the email used with 2FA because it is very possible to steal your crypto stored on the wallet by accessing the email.
  15. I do not think this is right, all I have noticed since I started posting on this forum is that new topics get more attention, I do not know why the OP post such misinforming information. New topics do get attention from us we membere.
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