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  1. I do not get this, this I not double spending at all. Or, you do you understand about double spending? This is about increasing transaction fee to make the transaction ones propagated not yet confirmed to be confirms fast. Fee control, not feeling.
  2. I will agree because hardware wallet is good for long term storage. But we should be careful while buying hardware wallets because some can be fake and a mimic of good ones but fake. Getting it directly from the company is good.
  3. Yes, I use mobile here and very fast, the phone version or cryptotalk itself has a very lite version. It loads fast and never failed before. But some people service provider provide slow data.
  4. I know this forum through a old post on bitcointalk and I have referred many friends to this forum after. I was ones banned before for two accounts but it was not my fault as I did not know not to have two accounts. But now, I use one account, and the forum has been so good now.
  5. Your post worth the rate I gave, you are right, many people always beg for rating, this is very wrong, it should be what we should wait for. But maybe those people are not getting rated because they are poor posters. Quality posts will be rated.
  6. I like your point, with time, with the look if things, the more bitcoin will still be bought, many people are now and will still have interest for bitcoin, this will increase the market cap of bitcoin. The market cap is directly related to the price, which means that price will increase too.
  7. Thee is nothing that can be perfect like computer, using normal wallet to generate private key is better. Brain wallet may not be a good idea, it can be brute forced or be compromised. It can be done wrongly too.
  8. Ala very good not to have only one wallet, having others that are not coinomi in addition to the coinomi wallet is good. I have not seen any non custodial wallet closed before, but anything can happen.
  9. If talking about private key wallets, you may not want to use full client wallet because of the memory they take, you may decide to use lightweight wallets like electrum, there is nothing bad using such too, they also have private keys.
  10. I think cryptotalk is better that before, even when the registration was enabled again, there was a little rubbish posts but now the forum is better in term of posting. And also I noticed, the rating is good also as people rate good posts.
  11. Since I joined yobit, no issue faced, I was able to solve everything all by myself. Yobit is a good exchange. But I do not really like that investbox and free coin section, so I do not visit. But other aspect I like yobit. But one more thing, about the investbox, i still visit to invest talk token.
  12. I have used bitcoin to buy some stuff from friends that uses bitcoin as a payment option in their store. But I prefer using ripple because the transaction is fast and instant with very low amount of money paid.
  13. Check you fee, so low, it I even lower than 1000 satoshi. If the transaction is never never yet completed, you will need to RBF to increase the transaction fee. Just reach out to us if the transaction is still not successful.
  14. I was motivated because I was paid, so, the payment interest and motivate me. Another interest is the knowledge and experience about cryptocurrencies I have gained from tho forum. This has been my first forum to learn and earn.
  15. Before when admin still pay bitcoin, members will spend 3 hours or more but now, the official posts is no longer 30 daily and the time will around 2 hours. But I still like to make more posts that can even be more than 30. Do me, I spend up to or more than 3 hours daily.
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