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  1. i was waitting for this type of website a long time ago i have one question how do they earn money to keep the website alive no ads no premium programs and how much they pay ??
  2. i started in cryptotalk 1 year ago but i was not impresing on this form all this much that i am now now i feel like this forum will be the next bitcointalk at least we will have a good source for news and good place to find blockchain project developer .
  3. it is so easy bro just creat new email account and sign up with this gmail on yobit this may solve your problem and good luck .
  4. try to get always new idea and being creative is the best solution to avoid this problem good luck .
  5. actually i use XRP and XLM because they are fast in confirmation and they have low transaction fees and they are the best .
  6. i aslo do the same yes XRP is the best way to withdraw your money from yobit exchange low fees and very fast it takes less then three minutes .
  7. first thing is the demande and the supply the demande is much higher then the supply wich is only21,000,000 BTC and the second factor is the high mining cost those two factors are exactly the same factors that made gold at hight price
  8. due to the low price of doge coin the pump is very deficult for this type of coins even that if doge coin move will do big defirence good luck .
  9. for me amazon is good for that but now for the websites and project in crypto bitcointalk and cryptotalk are good for that .
  10. the gold can not be replaced even the bitcoin is hight cost mining as gold but this can not be sufficient for replacing gold by bitcoin beceause gold has other real function in real life so i dont think so.
  11. the assets allocation changes with platforms user add for that the platforms always support their own tokens volume .
  12. Blockchain technology will not just help the world economic it will have big revolution we should adabtes with next few years
  13. if the cryptocurencies are scam so what are we doing here noway this system is build from zero trusty level to hight quality trusty level so never crypto is more legal then banks .
  14. it was on 2018 i earned 23K usd in pump on yobit i ll never forget that it was crazy moment when seeig your assetes rise x10 the price that you entred in ho^pe that will hapen again .
  15. if you lost your wallet you will lost your money so be carful as much as you can save your key in saf place to avoid this disaster to hapen and good luck .
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