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  1. You just thought from one side and not from other. On one hand we get daily 3% profit daily but on the other hand the price of coin is decreasing 5-10% daily which means we are not doubling but losing our money if compared . These are small coins and their price can easily be fluctuated by anyone.
  2. I don't think the price of bitcoin doesn't depends upon christmas or new year. The price of bitcoin was in downside run in past few months but now the bull run started and the price has reached as high as $11900 level which is quite significant and it is still predicted to go up.
  3. We need patience in crypto field. Otherwise it is possible to lose everything we have in a second. We need to think wisely before investing , trading or doing anything. And also crypto is full of scammers so we need to be aware in whatever we are doing.
  4. I don't know what hex win drop is all about but we don't need any kind of certificate to do our deposits and withdrawals in the exchanges sites. All we need is our coin and deposit or withdrawal address and the rest is handled by the site.
  5. I personally prefer coinmarketcap. I am using it for more than 2 years now and it has never disappointed me. It always shows the exact prices and the realistic datas of the coin and exchanges which are very helpful for crypto users.
  6. Yeah usually fast earning method and the sites that provide high income or give us high returns are scams , They are hyips . We should stay away from them as possible as we can and we always need to do a good research before investing in them.
  7. If we are a newbie then faucets should certainly be useful because not only we will be collecting some free coins but also we will be knowing about crypto like how it works and about crypto prices and wallets and limitations which will make us know more about crypto.
  8. I have been using Tronlink as my tron wallet. It is available as both extension for pc and in mobile app. But using it as extension is lot easier. It is the most trusted wallet available. I don't know about other wallets but this wallet is which I have been using for 1-2 years now.
  9. Binance is the worlds leading crypto exchange. It has the most trading volume among any exchanges available. I have done couple of trades in that exchange and everything about that exchange is good. Fast deposit and withdrawal , smooth trading which is all of us want.
  10. I don't think there are any countries that doesn't perform digital money perform because it is a digital world. But if there is any such country , then they must go through other 2-3 steps like western union or some middle man for transferring to their bank.
  11. I have been using two wallets now , they are coinbase and blockchain . Coinbase has good features like inbuilt trading but requires kyc and also minimalist of fee and also blockchain is also good wallet but only supports 4-5 countries . But both wallet are best available.
  12. We also need to check their roadmap and also their document . If it seems legit then it must be but if any thing is missing then it can easily turn scam after getting peoples fund or they don't give any type of token to anyone after we have done the hard work.
  13. Yes crypto price fluctuation is the reason people in crypto. If there is no price movement then there is no way to get profit. But we also need to invest in right time cause if we invest and the price goes down then we will be in loss so it is some kind of strategic investment.
  14. Arbitrage trading is certainly profitable one. I tried to do it manually without using bot but it was difficult. To find coins with different price in exchange , it is not so difficult but the withdrawal and deposit of such coins are disabled in almost every exchange so that they cannot arbitrage .
  15. When the price is down , there will be more and more people willing to invest and hold it so there will be more whales than before. But it will also be a great chance for us to accumulate some bitcoins for us and hold it until the price gets up.
  16. Yeah we can easily get exposed to scammers if we are not cautious about it. We need to apply good security measures against scammers and hackers . Now a days scammers dm us first and they tell to give us great returns in our investment but we shouldn't reply or immediately ban them.
  17. Yeah there are always risks in trading. We must always keep in mind that our funds are always at risk and the profit is not always guaranteed. We should never buy or sell which we can't afford to lose and always trade with small margin. This way we are likely to be safe.
  18. Buying and selling is the part of trading so we cannot make profit just by buying only or selling only. We eventually have to do both. But I also do same like you said . I try to get coin when their price is very down and sell high but I don't like to hold much.
  19. Faucets of today's cannot even make us $1 per day so its is not even making us near to rich. In 2010 bitcoin was just started and was worth very little so they were distributed in large amount to all. I wonder whether those people that collected those bitcoins are holding it or they lost their wallets and regretting.
  20. Yeah telegram is filled with scammers everywhere. Most scammers pm you first for lucrative offers and we should immediately ban them or never reply them . I was also nearly scammed once but I somehow got away so I request everyone to be aware.
  21. I don't think that most of the exchange services accept paypal service because of the fear of getting their account suspended but you may check out this exchange site bestchange.com and there maybe various exchangers available but I am not sure with paypal.
  22. Its a good news for amazon users . Amazon is the biggest online store in the world serving major countries but for some countries this news is worthless because , first of all amazon is not available in their country and secondly crypto is illegal in their country.
  23. I don't think it is necessary for the government to put tax for crypto. Cryptos were meant to be used freely without the intervention of any other but those countries which have legalized crypto has started putting tax on it which is not good.
  24. I don't whether cryptocurrencies will last forever but I certainly know that it will last for longer period of time. Bitcoin is just in its 10 years of establishment and it has still very far to grow. Big companies have just started to invest in cryptos and countries have just started legalizing it.
  25. Yeah , I already searched my location in this website and there is no available bitcoin atm near me because bitcoin is not so familiar in my country. It may take another 10 years for bitcoin to be legal and launch an atm in my country .
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