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  1. I had made yobit account a year ago and I didn't use it at all but from the date since I joined cryptotalk campaign I am a active user in the forum and I have also made some withdrawals from it in xrp , btc withdrawal fee is high so I just convert it.
  2. Yes heard about it but not sure when it is coming and how does it work. It hope it will be available for everyone and as soon as possible because everyone is eager to know about it and work on it and also the earnings of users will increase.
  3. 2fa is more secure than mobile sms because you don't have to wait to get the code in your mobile. Sms sometimes don't come at all in our mobile phones and we can't do anything about it.So 2fa is lot easier because there is code 24 hrs and also you can write your code somewhere else so you don't lose it.
  4. I trade but till now I haven't bought any book and for trading signals I see different telegram channels that provide signals for free . You can go to investing.com for learning more about the charts and patterns of trading charts and you will get idea from it.
  5. I have not used jaxx wallet but I can say that blockchain is a good wallet to use . But other than blockchain wallet I recommend you to use MYETHERWALLET because this wallet is only for ethereum users and also is a lot reliable and comfortable to use .
  6. I missed the opportunity and I really wish I had known it before . I also want idax exchange to do such types of airdrop again and also same type of airdrop is currently being runned by kucoin on their kucoin platform and they are also paying high for their winners.
  7. Yes you can surely do that but instead of selling your bike you can take a loan and buy crypto from it and also you heard it right that crypto prices will be higher soon . Don't miss the opportunity and it will be gone soon so do it now.
  8. If you don't know how to do it then it's pretty easy , just click btc in the market section and select eth in it. And you can buy or sell your both btc and eth assets like you wish but remember that minimum transaction is $1 . I hope you understood.
  9. Yes we agree with you. Whatever we don't know we ask our seniors and they teach us about it so we can say they are our teachers . Even though we had to pay in our school days to learn but in crypto world it's almost free and there are lots of people who can help you antime.
  10. Before we used to get 1% yoda just for making 1 post per day but now we need to complete 10 dice rolls to get 1% and also the price of yoda has decreased a lot from the beginning so I think it's worthless claiming 1% daily because you may loose your btc in dice.
  11. Trading from web browser is much more easier from the androidapp or android web I guess because from pc we it is lot easier to locate all the required keys and in android sometimes you find it difficult because apps may lag or sometimes crash or won't open and thousands of reasons like that.
  12. There were more useless topics then copy and paste contents so I think just deleting copied contents doesn't help. So to make the forum clear all the posts that are just useless with no meaning and all repeated topics should be deleted.
  13. Yes if we apply good strategy and technique and invest at good platform then crypto can be our future. We just have to know the best way to make profit from it and choose the right amount to invest and be consistent then we can make good profit from it.
  14. I have not worked at any other site except cryptotalk . I tried to work in bitcointalk some years ago but they asked for payment to post in their forum so I just left it and after some months I discovered cryptotalk and I am working here and I am happy with it.
  15. I have never worked in any other forum expect cryptotalk and not even in bitcointalk . Why would anyone go to other forum to work knowing that they don't pay . I give my maximum time to cryptotalk and I am happy with it because I also earn from it.
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