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  1. With the free satoshis , I am going to invest it to the altcoins which I think is best to do. Altcoins are really exploding now and some of the coins even multiplied 100X which would have given us a lot of profit. I will find the most profitable ones and invest in them.
  2. To earn reputation we need to create good posts , not by making these kind of posts. The more we are focused in this forum , the more we get good reputation and also we don't lose anything for giving reputation as you said.
  3. I usually make around 1 post every 15 days because it is difficult to get new ideas to make a good topic . Almost every type of topic is made and if we repeat topic then it will surely get deleted and we will get some negative reputation as well so we need to be wise before making posts.
  4. Blogging seems very hard for me. It is a good method for earning but for placing ads we need to get a lot of ads which is difficult for beginners but not impossible . I don't prefer this method instead I try trading and investing.
  5. Most of the exchanges airdrop require kyc to be done and it is the only way to receive token so people are compelled to provide their documents without even knowing whether they are providing their data to real or scam site.
  6. Cryptocurrency contests are only hold by some few crypto sites and some exchanges site. They specially run referral competition and exchanges sites specially run trading competition so you can join them and can earn from it.
  7. I prefer cryptotalk because it is easy for here us to understand and work. We don't need to do complex work like in bitcointalk. All we need to do is to post and reply and also I haven't joined and worked in bitcointalk so I don't know much about bitcointalk.
  8. It seems to be a great feature .Instead of 1 like we can directly give 2, 3 , 4 or 5 . This feature will help us in getting our reputation to new heights but we can even get -5 reputation as well. Till now I haven't used it but I will use it for some good posts.
  9. We should do what that post deserves. If that post deserves like then we should give it and if that post is bad and spam , then we should give negative reaction as well. We should not be afraid of getting bad reaction from those whom we gave it for bad post.
  10. Yes I agree but only for few people.Only few are able to earn more than monthly salary . Other struggle very much to even earn some few money which makes it difficult to make their life living and work from their home so they need to go to work.
  11. Ripple is my favorite coins for investment . Other than that xlm , bch are my favorite coin for investment. In these lockdown most of the altcoins are down by upto half their price so that if we invest in them we can we can make good profit.
  12. Bull run is for everybody as they want to make lots of profit from their investment. But for those who don't actually own bitcoins or other altcoins they sometimes want coins to dump so that they can buy cheaper and can have profit in next bullrun.
  13. I don't think it will ever happen. Cryptos can never replace fiats , it is just a currency circulated in the internet and not in the real form. It may actually walk side to side of fiats but will never replace fiats. Cryptos will surely be made legal in future and may surely do the work of fiats.
  14. I am sure crypto currencies will not loose its value because of all these. It is getting stronger and stronger because of crypto getting adopted daily and also the increment in bitcoin investors which resulted in growing of market cap and this makes crypto more stronger.
  15. Monero actually hit $100 in 2020 some few months ago I guess. It's current price is around $66 which is around 30-35% low and if we invest in it now then we can actually make a good profit of around 30-40$ in very few time.
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