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  1. Теперь можно пополнить мобильного оператора Ooredoo. Принимаем Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, BUSD, USDS, USDT и другие платежные системы.
  2. Now you can top up your mobile operator Ooredoo. We accept Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, BUSD, USDS, USDT and other payment systems.
  3. Добавили подарочные карты PUBG для большинства стран.
  4. Обновили мобильных операторов. Теперь за Monero или Bitcoin можно пополнить DTAC.
  5. Updated mobile operators. Now you can top up DTAC with Monero or Bitcoin.
  6. We integrate your crypto project into a payment gateway to pay for 3000 goods around the world. Since 2018, we have been selling digital goods around the world (gift cards, digital vouchers, e-certificates, mobile phone replenishment) At the moment, our users are paying for digital goods by the most popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Lighting, BUSD, Litecoin, USDT, Monero. But we also understand that there are other cryptocurrencies that have their own narrow category of users. Therefore, it is very important that such coins are known from various sources, our service suitable for this role. If you are interested in your crypto project to be used in daily tasks, then our team is ready to offer the integration of your crypto project into our service. As a result, our end users will pay for digital goods around the world through your coin. The history of the creation of our service can be seen here: For more information, write to us through the contact form on the website and our b2b managers will contact you in a short time. P.S Bitcoin To the Moon!
  7. Upd: You can now pay for your favorite PlayStation games with cryptocurrency! Added PlayStation gift cards for most countries.
  8. Upd: Оплатить любимые игры PlayStation теперь можно за криптовалюту! Добавили подарочные карты PlayStation для большинства стран.
  9. Upd: You can now buy furniture from Ikea for cryptocurrency! Added Ikea gift cards for most European countries.
  10. Upd: Купить мебель из Ikea теперь можно за криптовалюту! Добавили подарочные карты Ikea для большинства европейских стран.
  11. Upd: Добавили новых мобильных операторов для Беларуси. Теперь белорусские сим карты можно пополнять из-за границы без банковской карты. Доступные операторы для Беларуси: life;), A1, MTC
  12. Upd: Added new mobile operators for Belarus. Now Belarusian SIM cards can be topped up from abroad without a bank card. Available operators for Belarus: life;), A1, MTC
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