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  1. To be a consistent and professional trader, it takes perseverance and does not give up easily, trading continues even if you experience losses, over time will form a consistent and professional trader. So the trader is consistent not only in theory but in real action as a warrior
  2. That is good news for the crypto world, every country has its own cryptocurrency, so that the crypto world will be formed, centralized cryptocurrency, becoming the main crypto developed by various countries today, besides Turkey and Canada, there are several other countries that are trying to develop their own crypto , like China, India and Kuwait.
  3. I agree with you, to be a good and successful trader requires patience and also thinking smart, because trading crypto is very fluctuating and requires fast and correct decisions. Besides this, a trader must also know about the market and all trading charts, know when to stop trading and when to start trading.
  4. I think arbitrage trading is not profitable, because transaction costs between exchanges are already expensive, if looking for profits from price differences from one exchange to another, I think it's a waste of time, because the price difference between exchanges in my opinion is very small.
  5. In my opinion, bitcoin is an asset, bitcoin is a very profitable investment asset, compared to gold, bitcoin seems to be more risky, but if someone understands bitcoin has an unexpected value and continues to increase, even if the price goes down, it's only temporary, because the real benefits of buying bitcoin are very unexpected and you can get rich.
  6. Yes those are very good tips for starting daily trading, I think in daily trading also needs the right time to trade, for example when the market is bullish, this is the right time to trade. But if the market is bearish, it's better not to trade first. Knowing market conditions is very important, because that will greatly affect the success of our trade.
  7. CryptoTalk is the most profitable campaign, because it pays directly with Bitcoin, this campaign lasts quite a long time, I think this is very good, now the new cryptocurrency provides payment by talking coins, I hope the price of talking coins soar so we can continue to benefit.
  8. Yes that's right, I think it's a natural thing, because China is the country with the largest population in the world, people there also know about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, one of the main jobs there is bitcoin mining, so it's not surprising that bitcoin's development in there is very fast and many users
  9. I prefer the authentic Google 2 factor, because until now I have used it and it is very safe, the authentic Google 2 factor is also easy to use for beginners like me, making it suitable for beginners who want to use multiple security keys.
  10. In my opinion, choosing a coin in trading is very important, because coins will greatly affect our trade, if someone chooses the wrong coin then the trade will fail and there will be a loss, for that it is very important to choose the right coin.
  11. I prefer bitcoin to stable coins, stable coins are good when market conditions are bad, but if the market is bullish, stable coins don't provide much profit, I still don't panic if the market conditions are bad, I endure and hold my bitcoin because the decline is only temporary and then will rise again.
  12. I think in every trade there must be luck, trading requires a lot of hard work and time, the right strategy greatly influences the outcome of the trade itself, after we try our best then at the last point we can only pray and count on luck to be successful. But if failure in my opinion is not bad luck, it's just that we have not been lucky.
  13. In my opinion, the ups and downs of the price of bitcoin do not have a certain time zoning, because the increase in the price of bitcoin depends on the market, whenever it can go up, therefore we must continue to monitor the crypto market, so as not to miss the moment of rising bitcoin prices.
  14. In my opinion, new coins are very difficult to survive in the market, because investors prefer bitcoin to new coins, maybe because the risk of new coins is very high, and the risk of being a dead coin. For now I also prefer bitcoin because it's safer.
  15. If the price of bitcoin drops $ 1,000 after buying $ 6000, of course I will hold the bitcoin that I have, I will hold back temporarily and wait for the price to rise above the initial price I bought, if I panic and sell it immediately I will suffer losses. Of course it is difficult, but I will try not to panic and usually the decline is temporary.
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