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  1. I thought I would choose Litecoin as my money transaction. Litecoin has cheaper transaction fees compared to other coins, I used to also use ETH but eth transaction fees are now expensive, so I switched to Litecoin. besides that what matters is my country's local exchange supports Litecoin to be converted to fiat.
  2. I also think the same as you, so what I'm doing right now is holding back and waiting for the bitcoin price to go up. I am greatly helped by the existence of the crypto world because I still have bitcoin and I still have hope to earn income from trading bitcoin.
  3. I agree with you, being able to join CryptoTalk is an extraordinary thing because not everyone can join here, there are many benefits that can be obtained by all members, experience, knowledge about the world of crypto and much more. It doesn't matter if we get paid, whether it's bitcoin or Token Talk, but we're here to learn to get a good start in the crypto world. Persistence continues to post and read friends' posts that are here will make us successful in the crypto world.
  4. The altcoin that I remember very much is ETH, I own ETH and at that time I sold it for $ 130.The current price of ETH is around $ 380 and I currently have no more ETH to sell, so it made me remember and regret selling it, back then .
  5. I think investing in XRP will not be profitable, because the price will not be more than 1 dollar, when compared to ETH the increase is much higher, in just a few months the price of ETH has gone up 3 times and XRP has only gone up slightly. I think that before you invest, you should look at past charts on Coinmarketcap, so you are not buying the wrong coins.
  6. As a beginner I am more interested in buying ETH when compared to bitcoin, I can still buy 1 ETH for my initial trade, apart from being cheaper the ETH withdrawal fee is quite cheap being a positive value for ETH to invest. ETH small trades are perfect because there is no big risk of holding them, as long as buying on a trusted exchange like yobit.
  7. The transaction that I like best in the crypto world is trading, trading can be done without capital, namely capital obtained from participating in a bounty campaign, we can start trading on the exchange and multiply the income from the existing bounty. I think that's the best way to get income from the crypto world then we can continue to develop it so we can become professional traders.
  8. The reason I chose yobit exchange at first I was just following the CryptoTalk campaign, I joined and made posts and when I got paid, I traded on yobit. I traded bitcoin with the ETH pair and the results were pretty good. Since then I learned about coins on Yoobit and it turns out that there are lots of profitable coins there. Besides that, yobit also has many useful features for its users, namely investment boxes, airdrops, and currently the CryptoTalk campaign pays with bitcoin again. So there are many advantages of yobit.
  9. In my opinion, exchanging requests and requiring kyc is dangerous, kyc is personal data that cannot be leaked to anyone, if there is an exchange that requires kyc it is better to look for another exchange. You can try yobit as a safe exchanger, yobit doesn't need kyc, including airdrops, gifts, and campaigns.
  10. Very good advice, as beginners we need to learn a lot to make useful posts, not just chase 20 posts / day and get paid, if you just catch up on posts then what happens is you will be warned and maybe your account will be banned. So don't let us as beginners just post it but it must be of high quality and can provide benefits to other members.
  11. The reason I am in CryptoTalk is of course the first is to get paid, the second is to learn about the crypto world as well as discuss with friends who are here. If CryptoTalk didn't pay again, I wouldn't leave CryptoTalk, just that I wouldn't be on this forum every day. Thanks to this forum I can get to know the crypto world so I won't forget CryptoTalk.
  12. I agree with you, patience is very important to our success. Patience in this forum is also required, currently I am very patient to get satoshis, I have posted 20 posts / day but I only get 7000 satoshis. Even though there is only a little bit I remain patient and do not give up on getting it, because I believe success can be achieved with patience.
  13. I thought I would buy a Talk token for $ 0.05. This is quite a price for the first trade, in fact at this time it is very difficult for tokens to have a fair value, many factors affect the success of the token being launched, including investor confidence and purchasing power. The world community is currently experiencing an economic crisis so that people's purchasing power has also decreased due to the pandemic. I am optimistic that the token talk can be rewarded at a fair price.
  14. When the Talk token market opens, I will exchange the Talk tokens on yobit for the ETH pair, but all decisions depend on the Talk token price. What is clear, I hope that the talk token can have a good price, so that it becomes a successful token on yobit.
  15. Buying all the money you have in one coin is safe, but you have to buy potential coins like bitcoin and ETH, buying unknown coins will be risky. You can buy the two coins I mentioned and I think they are very safe, especially if stored for a long time, when the bitcoin price goes up you will make a big profit.
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