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  1. This post is definetely helps for new members in this forum. many beginners are losed their money with untrusted sites, because now a days most of the fradulant sites are i request all are clearly search and know about the platform which you want to invest .
  2. This is motivated and very helpful content that you created my friend. In this case i hope all the members will see this post to them to became motivated and have courage of what they are doing here so we must learn from mistake ever that we face in our life. failure is a first step for success, without failure we don't achive goal.
  3. Don't compare this forum with other earning sites, because this crytotalk better then other sites. facults is also a earning site but it gives little amount of money, but crypto forum give more money with less amount of work. cryptotalk has more features, i like to use this so i suggested to use this cryptotalk.
  4. Thank you for creating this useful topics. it will surely helps more peoples. you can search anythink in search box like name, topics and posts, If you want to find any members in this forum you must search with correct profile name. that is best way to find members.
  5. now a days, most of the people want to earn money in online( work from home), because most of the companies are closed due to corona virus. i think trading is a good earning method in online, but we need experience about trading. cryptotalk also a best earning method in online, it gives money for posting a commends and it will give knowladge also.
  6. In current situation, most of the peoples losed their jobs due to corona virus, they are struggled without monthly income. but this bitcoins really helps to them. its very good oppurtunity to gain earning with less amount of work. so this bitcoins definetely help us our daily expenses.
  7. It's very great. congrats for completing 100 reputation. your reputations tells how you worked. its is hard work. you are the one of the best example for hard work. hard work is best character in everyone life, because it will helps to achieve our goals. ''Hardwork never fails''. thank you creating this interesting topic.
  8. It's very good think to recommend our family members and friends, because this cryptotalk definetely will helps for them. first of all we need to share the rules and regulation of this forum. it will give money for easy work, and it will also improve our knowladge. so i like to recommend my friends in this forum.
  9. Welcome to this forum, yobit is a tool that is used for to earn money in many ways. first of all we need to create a yobit account then link with cryptotalk account, because yobit is assosiated with cryptotalk. we can earn money by posting commands. tradind is one the way to earn money in yobit. and investbox is also useful in this yobit. this yobit is very secured so it is usefull to save money, and easy to withdraw money.
  10. Most of the users want to complete their daily post very quickly, but we must wait for three minutes, because the time difference between two post is 3 minutes. this 180 seconds not a break time, we must utilize this time for improve our knowladge in this forum, it will helps to create more effective post.
  11. Yobit is like a tool that used for to recieving bitcoins. you want to activate your pay per post you must register your account account on yobit. yobit is associated with cryptotalk, without yobit account you can't recieve any earning for your hardwork.
  12. True friend, this is one of the basic rule in this forum. If you want to put some information here you need to make sure that all you mentioned information was true and right. if u give irrelevent reply then you will be get lot of reports. so searching information is most important then posting.
  13. True friend, Most of the peoples are only want to complete their daily posts. that is the reason for most unrelated replies in this forum, because they are read title only. if u read full content that will helps to improve our english language skill.
  14. If you want to get better reputation, first of all u need to get knowladge of this forum. you must read all post before you posting a command . the main think is to post valuable post for others. if you got negetive reputation that means you must to improve your skills for to give better information.
  15. Yes friend you are correct, i don't like to leave this site when they not pay for me because i learn lot from this forum. most of the peoples like to earning but money not parmanent in life. so learn for better life.
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