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  1. Since I am beginner here I have some questions about wallets. Can anyone explain further information about wallets? What are they? How do you keep money in them? Also I have a question: Is yobit site considered a wallet and is it safe to use? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for this new and useful information. Always there are some charactiristics which reveal that a site is fake and always you have to protect yourself in order not to be a victim of fraud.
  3. I think there is a general trend to use digital money and wallets. The digital world will be everything after few years. Back to your question, I think smartphones will support this world.
  4. Many people think you can't expect digital money where is going! So, they aren't brave enough to buy bitcoins or any other one. But in my opinion it is wealth trying.
  5. Low incomes are your first steps. If you don't do something small you can't do something bigger. So, always don't say this is small, because it will be the bridge for the bigger.
  6. The world of computer is really enormous. There are too much to learn and you can't say I know every thing in this world. Thanks for that information about the world hash
  7. I agree with you. However, you can't just enter the store and download any app says it pays you for using it. You should read users feedback and comments first. You should also have a look at the rate of the app. In the end, you decide whether it is telling truth or not.
  8. Thanks for this information. It is really useful espesially for beginners to the world of bitcoin. Anyone wants to start something should know about it in order to benefit the most from it.
  9. First thanks for sharing your experience with us. It is true that using ads in your blog may earn you some money and I tried creating a blog around 2 years ago . It was a success but unfortunatily I was obliged to stop it for personal reasons.
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