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  1. Signs of a safe exchanger The first and most important sign that you can use an exchanger is it being listed in the monitor BestChange, isn’t it? We recommend using our service for every exchange for your own safety. What else do you need to pay attention to when transferring your money to an exchanger: ● Secure connection (HTTPS stands at the address bar’s beginning). This provides safety to the information entered by the user. ● Confirmed accounts if payment systems such as WebMoney. Usually, these are specified at the bottom of the website. ● Properly filed documents: user agreement, confidentiality policy. ● Support chat, working, with human operators. ● Reviews on independent platforms. This is the minimum that every user needs to check when they come across a new service. However, BestChange specialists conduct a much more thorough check when adding a new service to the listing. Moreover, we consider only those websites that have been working for not less than six months. Therefore, the probability of falling into the clutches of scammers is reduced to almost zero.
  2. How to receive stablecoins in an exchanger Cryptocurrency has lots of advantages: it’s decentralized, independent, anonymous. The main reason it hasn’t conquered the world yet is its volatility. Having one bitcoin, you don’t know how much it will be worth in one month — 30 or 50 thousand dollars. An excellent alternative for those who want to get the advantages of crypto but isn’t ready to risk is stablecoins. Dollar stablecoins are most widely spread. The point is that such a coin always costs 1 dollar, whatever happens in the troublesome crypto market. With the help of BestChange you can easily find exchangers where you can buy or sell: 💲 Tether (USDT) 💲 USD Coin (USDC) 💲 Pax Dollar (USDP), earlier known as Paxos Standard (PAX) 💲 Binance USD (BUSD) 💲 True USD (TUSD) 💲 Dai (DAI) Prepare a cryptocurrency wallet that supports the required coins in advance. And the rest is as easy as pie — specify the direction of payment, select the ideal exchanger with the help of the monitor, create and pay for the order. We have been helping people exchange with profit and avoid financial fraud for already 14 years. Using the monitor is absolutely free and very useful, you can find it out yourself.
  3. How to maximize profit when working with exchangers BestChange provides accurate and organized information about several hundred exchangers. By default, exchangers in the direction you have chosen are sorted based on how profitable their exchange rate is. In general, quite a few different factors affect the benefit of the exchange, for example: - Commissions set on a specific service. Usually, they are included in the rate and not indicated separately. - An exchange from which the exchanger takes its base rates. On different platforms, the indicators can differ at the same moment (which makes it possible to earn on arbitration). - Payment direction. Sometimes for rare directions, the rate can be not the most profitable. Try using the “double exchange”. - Discounts. Lots of services provide a discount system to loyal customers. Even by simply registering, you can get a minimal discount. - Promotions and bonuses. We do not gather this information about exchangers, however, visiting their websites, you can learn about it yourself. Sometimes they offer promotions on holidays or contests with money prizes. You can rest assured that the rates are up to date — all rates are updated every few seconds, so you will definitely not miss the most profitable options.
  4. What does exchange speed depend on? We all want transactions to be completed in a matter of seconds, but as a rule, this is technically impossible. We have to wait. At this moment, we start worrying about our money, even if the exchanger is a trusted one. We start checking if we have entered the details correctly, then writing to the tech support. It is understandable, however, most often, it is impossible to speed up the process. Here are just a few factors that influence the speed of exchange: 🕑 The working mechanism — manual or automatic. Most of the exchangers are now automatized, but there are exclusions. In manual mode, operations are processed on a queue basis. 🕑 In the case of cryptocurrency — the load of the blockchain. It can take up to 20–40 minutes to confirm a bitcoin transaction, and during the periods of a sharp price change, it can take even longer (because there are more transactions in the network). 🕑 Delays in payment systems, banks. This in no way depends on the exchanger. Banks, for example, regulate the possible transfer time of up to 3 days. In practice, of course, it happens faster. Of course, there can be mistakes and delays on the part of the very exchanger, this option cannot be excluded. In this situation, the first thing to do is contact technical support. You can also leave a complaint on the exchanger page in our monitor BestChange. The exchanger representatives must settle the conflict, writing a reply to the user on BestChange, to preserve reputation. Please pay attention that in the selection table on BestChange, there are main characteristics of exchangers specified — such as manual mode or transfer through third-party payment systems. If speed is important to you, we recommend choosing automatic services.
  5. Обменный пункт NordChange был добавлен в наш мониторинг. Мы проанализировали информацию о работе сервиса, его репутации, принципах и ценностях его администрации, и пришли к выводу, что NordChange удовлетворяет критериям надежного партнера, который может находиться в листинге наряду с остальными. Мы искренне надеемся на продуктивное и долгосрочное сотрудничество с данным сервисом. Но несмотря на успешное прохождение всех проверок, мы будем продолжать внимательно следить за их репутацией и развитием клиентского сервиса. Рекомендуем перед обменом всегда проверять страницу отзывов о NordChange, а после совершения обменов просим вас делиться своим мнением о предоставленных услугах с другими.
  6. 🔎 What are crypto exchange codes and how to use them in exchangers Some crypto exchanges have created a convenient tool for transferring assets among users. And by any means, including outside the exchange. These are special codes, which have a certain amount of cryptocurrency “packed” in them and which another user can activate to receive this cryptocurrency to their account. What is remarkable, without losses on commissions. In our monitor BestChange there are lots of exchangers allowing buying and selling exchange codes of EXMO, Cryptex and other platforms. A few words about how to use them: 💸 Codes are created, depending on an exchange, either in one click in the respective section or in assets withdrawal, like on EXMO. 💸 They are activated similarly, either in a special section or during topping up the balance. 💸 The coders are a long set of letters and numerals. Exchanges usually make it possible to link the code to a specific user who can activate it, but this is not used in exchangers. 💸 After activation, the cryptocurrency instantaneously is credited to the balance of the exchange. This is a great option to buy cryptocurrency in the ways the exchange does not support because in exchangers the choice of available directions is times higher. And BestChange will always help choose a safe service for a profitable deal.
  7. Discounts at exchangers Out of more than 250 exchangers listed in our monitor, lots offer a user a system of discounts. It is usually cumulative in nature — that is, by constantly exchanging in the same place, you can save a little. The initial discount level is usually provided immediately after registration, and subsequent levels depend on the volume of transactions. The discount system has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are: ➕ A possibility to save, constantly exchanging with the help of one service. ➕ A clear and transparent concept — the more you exchange, the bigger the discount. But there are also disadvantages: ➖ You need to always use the same service, even if it doesn’t offer the most lucrative conditions at the moment. ➖ Registration is obligatory. The BestChange monitor, when showing the rates in exchangers, always indicates the maximal costs without possible discounts — this excluded the situation of you spending more than you expect. In the future, if you like some service, you can start using it and save up the discount.
  8. Dear subscribers, we have good news! As we continue our global expansion, this time we have added new currencies for exchanging –Azerbaijani manat, Georgian lari, Uzbek sum, Tajik somoni and cash direction of the Polish zloty. Offers for exchanging S- Azerbaijani manat, Georgian lari, Uzbek sum, Tajik somoni and cash direction of the Polish zloty. Offers for exchanging USDC were also expanded, and we have added support for the USD Coin token in BSC blockchain. As always, you can find the most lucrative rate for exchanging all these as well as dozens of other directions on our website BestChange exchanger monitor is always at your service. We wish you smooth and profitable exchanges!
  9. Dear subscribers, we have excellent news! We have added new currencies for exchanging —the Canadian dollar, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, and Hong Kong dollar. As usual, you can find the most favorable exchange rate to exchange these and dozens of other directions on The BestChange monitor is always at your service. We wish you reliable and profitable exchanges!
  10. Calculator function on BestChange — how to use it to find the best deals The monitor offers a convenient option of a calculator — you can use it if you want to get familiar with the rates and other conditions of the exchanger. Firstly, select a payment direction (the currency you give and receive). Then select the tab “Calculator” over the table. Further steps are very easy and straightforward: ✅ Select the option “Receive” or “Get”. It depends on what currency you need to learn the result. ✅ Enter the amount of exchange you have in mind. ✅ From the drop-down list, select the suitable option — whether or not to consider the commissions of the payment systems. We recommend considering the commission, this way you will receive a more accurate calculation. After clicking the Calculate button, in the table, you will see specific amounts you will need to give to conduct a deal. This way you can count on finding the most profitable exchanger than without the calculator, that’s why we recommend using it. We always keep up the relevance and timely updating of rates/reserves of exchangers so that you don’t miss a convenient moment for your deal.
  11. Обменный пункт Swap-Exchange был добавлен в наш мониторинг. Мы проанализировали информацию о работе сервиса, его репутации, принципах и ценностях его администрации, и пришли к выводу, что Swap-Exchange удовлетворяет критериям надежного партнера, который может находиться в листинге наряду с остальными. Мы искренне надеемся на продуктивное и долгосрочное сотрудничество с данным сервисом. Но несмотря на успешное прохождение всех проверок, мы будем продолжать внимательно следить за их репутацией и развитием клиентского сервиса. Рекомендуем перед обменом всегда проверять страницу отзывов о Swap-Exchange, а после совершения обменов просим вас делиться своим мнением о предоставленных услугах с другими.
  12. All about BestChange notifications We decided to elaborate about BestChange notifications — it came to our knowledge that not everyone knows about this convenient option and use it. Meanwhile, you can considerably increase the profitability of your exchanges if you set up notifications about profitable conditions. We give an opportunity to set specific rates and reserves, and when a relevant offer appears, we will receive a notification in Telegram or email. The main situations when it’s handy: 🔔 For the exchange direction you need, there are currently no available exchangers, and you would like to be notified when they appear. 🔔 You are in no hurry but would like to make an exchange at the most profitable rate. 🔔 Exchanger that suits you by all parameters does not have enough reserves at the moment. Also, exchanger owners use this option to monitor rates that their competitors have. Notifications come to Telegram from the account @bestchange_bot, or by email from [email protected] We recommend you add these addresses to the contact list so that the messages won’t get blocked by antispam at a critical moment.
  13. On June, 19 our company celebrated a bright event — its 15th anniversary! We would like to express our gratitude for your support, for recommending our service, for its wide-scale promotion, and for your activity. It’s hard to over-evaluate the input into the service development by anyone who has at least once used it. We would like to congratulate all partners, colleagues and social network subscribers. The success we are proud of would be impossible without your assistance. Over the years, thanks to your support, we have made a worthy alternative to crypto exchanges and p2p platforms, which we are incredibly happy about. On behalf of the entire team, we wish you good luck, self-confidence, perseverance to reach new heights, great successes, colossal achievements, more ups, fewer falls, so that you are always favored by a fair wind!
  14. The exchanger doesn’t transfer money — when is it time to worry? Exchanging money, especially large amounts, the user quite rightly worries if they do not receive them within a few minutes. It’s understandable, but we would like to relieve you a little bit — not always a delay means you have faced a scammer. For starters, please wait a little bit. If you are exchanging cryptocurrency, in particular, bitcoin, then the speed of the payment entirely depends on the blockchain load. In this case, the transfer can take up to an hour, but in the end, you will receive your money. Moreover, pay attention to the working hours of the exchanger. Not all operate around the clock, some have breaks and days off. Accordingly, you will have to wait until the start of the working day. If quite some time has passed, but you still haven’t received the payment (and you are absolutely sure that you have specified the correct details), then write to the exchanger support. They will definitely help, and you will receive your hard-earned money. The majority of exchangers have a built-in chat which is very convenient, you don’t have to send an email. Please pay attention that operators also reply only during in-office hours. ⌛ And lastly: if you have chosen an exchanger through the BestChange monitor, there is no reason to worry — the problem will definitely be solved, we add only high-quality services to the listing. You can write a complaining review, and the exchanger representatives will respond to it. The claim will be lifted only after you receive your money.
  15. How long must the exchanger work to earn trust? At BestChange, we add exchangers that have been working for not less than six months — this is one of the key requirements. Successful work during six months is an almost unreachable goal for various scams and fraudulent projects. Only truly high-quality services survive. However, there is a couple of conditions under which we can add a younger exchanger. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised when you see such exchangers on the site. Here are these conditions: 👍 If an exchanger has been launched by a famous and large project — for example, crypto exchange, p2p-platform, mining-pool. 👍 If an exchanger that has been in the monitor for already a year and has a positive reputation, vouches for the new service. We treat the selection of projects for listing as responsibly as possible because our reputation also depends on that. Our specialists check every exchanger using a lot of parameters before it is included in the list. But even after that, we continue to watch over the quality of its work. To do that, reviews that users leave about this or that service, are of great help. All complaints must be settled, otherwise, sanctions may follow in relation to the exchanger.
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