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  1. When my transactions are took too long to be confirmed ( more than 1 hours ), I always be so worried, because there's chance that I made wrong transactions. I can understand about waiting for confirmation because we can't control the technology, we only users not developer.
  2. dinabolt

    Binance Launchpad

    Many private coins release in this exchanges and BNB is the one. The problem is not in IEO or exchanges but in members habit, after IEO they will dump the price and coins lost their value. We can't push people to keep hold but I'm really sure we should help exchanges with their IEO, hold more longer to get small demand is great.
  3. Trading knowledge and exercise never change only the player did depend their mindset and psychology. I agree with your post and if we want success, keep learning and have sharing partner is really needed. We can't go alone, find a good friend and take lesson from him.
  4. This forum is helpful with update information about with crypto world development and how to make money using crypto on the right way. This time I always update with the value of popular coins and able to understand market strategy and management risk.
  5. New and old member should share valuable information that members need, not because the money but we need knowledge and experience. I'm also face this problem everyday when my post was deleted I was very upset and stuck for that. But now I very clear about it, choose the right post to comment and report spam post into admin.
  6. You can find all information about Yobit in social media and their official web site. Many articles about Yobit also exist and only need to read. Make time and try it, so far Yobit is the easy exchanges to use, you'll get best services about your crypto transactions.
  7. Actually the main goal is in mining world, look's simple only need equipment ( rig ) and fund as start. My goal is still far away from reality but I'm sure this forum will help me with their knowledge and experience. I hope we will reach our goal is future, crypto is right to chosen, just play hard and never forget to pray.
  8. We need patient to stay on plan, never think to get income if you don't have patient and only have greedy. Learn from senior member and get their experience I believe first thing they will say is " patient ". Do that and you'll get bigger chance to win on market.
  9. My goal is collect bitcoin and for 2020 I use all fund I have. This year I want to change strategy from altcoin into bitcoin, choose popular coin it look's profitable than the alternative. My predication could fail but I'm ready with Yobit invest box to reduce loss.
  10. Yobit is exchanges with simple rules and platform to use, you'll never meet any exchanges like this. You can visit their web or social media to find any information you want to know. If necessary you can also ask here, I believe we all Yobit members.
  11. To train psychology you can ask professional trader, they will guide you with habit and motivation to stay away from negative activity. This one need professional adviser, don't do alone because you can't read your self. Become successful trader is not easy but I'm sure you can do it.
  12. I know about invest box but I'm sure they have difficult daily task, not all agree and can finish it on time. I prefer invest in USD and replace in on my bank, more secure and have good liquidity. All double money program is good, as long have realistic target plan.
  13. Only half people who join and working to get information in this forum but rest of them only want the money. Cryptotalk giving us earning and place to discuss not for spam or inactive members, we should respect all member and follow rules before banned become ours.
  14. I choose bitcoin because need to grow up capital first before saving on gold. Grow up fund is goals from every economy activity and should be done first, bitcoin is the right answer ( for now ) out side currency and commodity. No more debate, choose bitcoin first and gold later.
  15. I think cryptocurrencies will be alive at least next 20 years because mining still running and still have benefits we can take from cryptocurrency. I think nobody can predict market and future, so nobody knows about next digital money and how to use it. Stay calm and enjoy the journey.
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