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  1. As a university student, it facilitates a lot of operations in everyday life, and I expect it to be better than paper money or credit cards. It is not good for students under 18 to use encryption because they can deal with it incorrectly.
  2. These national rules can be adopted when creating these accounts. I think you made the mistake of registering both Eobit and Crypto with different emails
  3. Why didn't we convince you and Bitcoin is slapping for a new 2020 price tag.The rise of Bitcoin in December may again be a volatility of bitcoin that we can earn, and many people use bitcoin at Christmas so that value can increase demand
  4. If you buy cryptocurrency, when the price goes up then it is better to sell cryptocurrency as you wish. If you deposit crypto currency now, there is a real desire because I can say that the price of crypto currency has dropped by more than half the time to buy crypto
  5. Bitcoin is really profitable when you commit a good amount of adultery and are sure to get your profits, especially if you are a righteous patient. Bitcoin is the most profitable currency
  6. Banks also offer loans when crypto is not a fair competition compared to it. That's why it's a difference but accept it in the sense of withdrawal. Bank fees are not high, but crypto fees are high, especially on some exchanges
  7. You have to make a good profit anyway. So don't hesitate just buy and trade on BTC. If you are a businessman, this is the right time for your business. Because now Bitcoin prices are quite low and if you buy enough coins
  8. Crypto downtrend and any profits we have to eat and a fixed income are very important. Investing gives us extra income. Cryptocurrency is the future, paper money will be spent on new money, in some countries, petro-money and soon Trump's currency, just foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, learn to trade in the stock market, and see more thoughts in the future
  9. The primary premise is that more and more people will appreciate crypto. Bitcoin is certainly a lucrative investment but before investing its challenges have their own fair value
  10. Now that Bitcoin prices are extremely low, I think this will be a great opportunity for me to buy and invest more. As I look back at the beginning of 2021, ID can figure out if it's still running and pay it back as it is still
  11. The US government never stands out and leaves the dollar because depending on it, America can dominate the world and many decisions can be made in the world. I do not think that the BTC will reach a dollar if the dollar is crushed because the US government is the most powerful government in the world, according to the law
  12. The hoop crypto community next to those I am feeling frustrated about is badly affected by the fact that many crypto channels on YouTube are in the future. I was shocked to see it
  13. We compare the crypto talk to BitcoinTalk but the Crypto Talk has a much shorter member than the BitcoinTalk. Yes Diddos protection should be implemented Yesterday I completed my 20 posts through the forum
  14. Isn't it a good quality idea with BTC reserve or business? Confirm your image. Have you announced any promotions with BTC to encourage the necessary BTCs or capital that you will no longer be nervous about creation ?
  15. It may exist in the future because we know that crypto currency can become a thing in the long run. Super Bitcoin will be an extension of the current Bitcoin. There may be some limitations, such as its scalability issues, such as closing
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