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  1. You will get paid for this cryptotalk since the first 100 posts and 30k btc for 30 posts a day. You can get 900k BTC a month from here and it's paid for on the Yobit Exchange site. You can then withdraw from Yobit to any wallet.
  2. CryptoTalk benefits everyone and all members. I think full members did not give any special benefit and the rules are the same for everyone in this forum. CryptoTalk may bring updates at a time when rankings are tailored to the system.
  3. I also think that beginners can learn and learn a lot through posts. All of these beginners are posted as new members and their helpline is helpful. I would tell newcomers to follow the beginner topics more.
  4. Bitcoin is a currency of digital currency and online. From BTC 2009 to today 2020, prices have increased and decreased many times. Bitcoin is in volatility and its price will go down and thus it will move forward.
  5. Once your 100 has been posted then the salary will be paid for each post. When you post 30 you get 30k BTC and it will be paid in Yobit. I'll tell you 10 days after 30 posts have been paid.
  6. Everyone should follow the rules of the cryptotalk forum. Working with the rules will not delete anyone's posts and the posts will be correct. It is possible to make better earning from cryptotalk if the rules follow.
  7. This is not a problem and Yobit registration is often turned off. Yobit registration has been closed for a while and will turn it on again in a timely manner. So nothing to worry about and will open again in a few days.
  8. It is wrong to say that the new account is banned. The forum states why the account is banned, and banned if it works out of the rules and scams. The account is banned for doing it without knowing the new rules properly.
  9. I love this cryptotalk account very much, because I can get the education, knowledge and experience of crypto assets. I can post my opinion freely with experience. There is a good amount of earning from this forum.
  10. Go to Yobit's account and exchange BTC on usd. Go to the wallet option and click on the usd withdraw option, then select the Perfect Money and withdraw. Then you will be able to get money from the Perfect Money by selling it on the Bank or Dollar Buy site.
  11. The value of digital currency has increased due to which central banks accept and incorporate digital currency. Cryptocurrency is called digital currency and its popularity is increasing. The benefits of digital currency can be traded from any wallet. Personal needs can be met by converting digital currency into fiat currency.
  12. I don't think the charity will be Bitcoin based in the future. Bitcoin and Fiat Coin will work for charity in two ways. UNICEF's thinking is okay, because they know that people all over the world work with Bitcoin and if they add it to charity, everyone can use Bitcoin as a coin.
  13. I would say not to be disappointed, because the BTC market has to get lost when it goes bad. Those who trade with BTC can avoid the loss by keeping hold of the coins in bad times in the market. BTC prices dropped sharply in December 2019, but those who did not disappoint then kept patience gains this new year has come in 2020. I think someone should be left out of the cryptocurrency.
  14. Bitcoin is illegal in most countries of Asia and the government does not accept any coins with cryptocurrency including bitcoin. In Asia, China is just ahead of crypto, and I do not understand why governments of other countries are not accepting crypto. In my opinion, the government will not be able to protect Bitcoin and may be more apprehensive about the hackers taking it. Asia is far behind technically and I believe that the government will legalize bitcoin at one time.
  15. I believe that investing in crypto will provide better benefits and profits than jobs. If you invest in cryptocurrency with the right experience and knowledge, then it is possible to get more out of risk. As soon as the profit is available through investment, it is not possible to do any other job.
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