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  1. We have officially been accepted into AstarNetwork's Builder's Program and you can now stake $ASTR on our project as part of Astar's #Build2Earn initiative! Click the link to learn how dApp staking works & to begin dApp staking:
  2. Zenlink Monthly Recap - July Launches on Astar Network and partners with AstridDAO & Celer Network Stable AMM protocol (Substrate version) has been delivered to PeckShield for audit Updated UI&UX and completed $ZLK buyback and burn Read on:
  3. Archway отправляется на Korean Blockchain Week 9 августаПосле оглушительного успеха EthCC Paris Archway направляется в Южную Корею на Корейскую неделю блокчейна! Присоединяйтесь к Archway & Hashed на бранче, панели и мастер-классе!Новый HASHED Lounge @KSquare II, 826 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (20-й этаж)Вторник, 9 августа, с 12:00 до 15:00Приходите учиться, строить и встречаться с коллегами-разработчикамиЗарегистрируйтесь сейчас, чтобы обеспечить себе место -
  4. We achieved $2M+ TVL on the 1st day of launch on AstarNetworkCalling all Zenlinkers, Astridians, and Dotsama fam to note that we have some juicy pools here4pool - 30% APRASTR/USDC - 46% APRASTR/DOT - 62% APRASTR/ZLK - 81% APRApe in -
  5. The ZLK/ASTR Bootstrap on AstarNetwork has ended and farming is open You can now claim your rewards and LP tokens at (check "Ended"), then stake LP tokens to the farming pool to keep earning $ZLK and $ASTR rewards.Farming now -
  6. AMA with Astar Network and AstridDAO, hosted by Astar Space LabsMore InfoDate: July 28, 1PM UTC (This Thursday)Speaker: Leo Guo (Co-founder of Zenlink), Matt (AstridDAO Community Leader)Moderators: ape.astr (SpaceLabs Community Leader)Venue: Astar Discord ( us for an up-close conversation with the project builders and post your questions in the Astar Discord.Be a part!
  7. A quick summary of the 5 hours launched on AstarNetwork- $ZLK/ $ASTR Bootstrap has reached the minimum target provision (now 19 hours from the end)- TVL reached $1.4M and continues to growThat's not easy in a bear market, so let's see what happens next
  8. Zenlink is now on Astar Network! Farming & Bootstrap is now available, check out these juicy pools and don't miss out on a fantastic opportunity to earn rewards in ASTR and ZLK!
  9. Interaction with Celer Network Bridge! We are glad to have Celer Network Bridge to provide us with bridging support Users can now transfer ZLK between Moonbeam Network and AstarNetwork as well as bridge assets from other blockchains to Astar Network via
  10. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Astrid DAO! The leading stablecoin protocol in the Astar network We will work together to drive the growth of the Star Network and provide the community with more diverse DeFi products!
  11. 1 day before the launch of Zenlink on the Astar network! Get ready for farming! 4 pool ( $USD + $USD+ $BAI + $DAI ) $ASTR/ $USDC $ASTR/ $DOT $ASTR/ $ZLK (download first)
  12. Zenlink launch on the Astar network!July 26, 2022.Learn more -
  13. Time to claim your rewards! The 9th cycle of trade mining on Zenlink has ended and the 10th cycle is LIVE You can now claim your trading mining rewards on Moonbeam or Bifrost -
  14. Совместная АМА с Сommuni3Пройдет в Твиттере в пятницу, 22 июля, 9PM UTC Не пропустите это событие, чтобы узнать больше об обоих проектах и возможных партнерских возможностях, которые мы можем создать с помощью наших продуктов.
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