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  1. Да к черту их, и тот форум. С таким подходом и отношением их форум долго не протянет
  2. Странный форум, меня там забанили, хотя я бы не сказал, что сильно нафлудил) 30 сообщений за 3 дня написал
  3. Забыл тут отписаться. Токены получил, результатом доволен. В будущих кампаниях от БМ обязательно приму участие
  4. The most important is to create the project that is necessary for people to be in demand.
  5. Community is very important for every project. It is necessary to get support of community.
  6. Now it is very difficult time for all the markets. Many people stopped investing at all. But after the fall will be a restore of the market.
  7. A lot of new projects appear and it is necessary to check everything to know their advantages.
  8. Without promotion it is impossible to survive. So promotion is necessary.
  9. Now many people carefully monitor the market to buy tokens of new and prospective projects for the best price.
  10. Participation in presale allows to have the maximum profit from investment/
  11. Now many people constantly monitor the market to find the most prospective projects and buy their tokens for the best price
  12. It is very important to communicate and interact with community to know the demand in the product and its tools.
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